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Urdu language Dohas are very meaningful verses that contain small but important morals to be learnt.

Urdu Doha

One of the most revered genres of poetry is Urdu Doha. It is a form of independent rhyming couplet in poetry. Used not just in Urdu language, dohas were written in Hindi as well. There are many such books that have been written by famous poets and writers in which big stories have been penned in the form of dohas. There have been many famous writers and poets who have contributed much in the field of Urdu Doha. Of them, the most popular and well-known are Kabir's Doha in Urdu.

Another famous person in the field of Urdu Doha is undoubtedly Rahim. His dohas are very simple and explain the morals of life in a very straight forward way. A very famous Doha of Rahim and its meaning have been given below.

"Rahiman dekh baden ko, laghu na deejiye daari, Jahan kaam aawe sui, kaha kare tarwari."

Meaning: Rahim says; don't ignore the small things when you see big ones. Every thing has its own use. A sword is of no use where a needle comes handy.