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Sanskrit language is the medium of explaining literature in Sanskrit. Read further about Sanskrit language literature.

Sanskrit Literature

India is a land of rich classical heritage. The land of many great thinkers and writers, our collection of literature in Sanskrit is priceless. Known as the mother of many languages, Sanskrit is abundant in the treasure of literature. Many people think of Sanskrit in terms of chants, hymns and verses. Not many know the vast collection of poetry, drama, stories and even epics in Sanskrit literature. Sanskrit language literature is a very broad category that requires elaborate understanding of this varied language. In our related sections, you shall find information about various Sanskrit epics, plays and major Sanskrit pioneers of India.

With time, the definition of classical Sanskrit literature has also changed. It used to be primarily a source of gaining knowledge and was used a lot during religious rituals. Now, Sanskrit has become a language that is solely seen upon as an entity for entertainment. People follow Sanskrit to amuse themselves rather than gain knowledge. People may go to see plays or listen to legendary folklores in Sanskrit with the sole aim of entertaining themselves. Priests who perform religious rituals use pure Sanskrit in India. Though attempts are being made to revive this ancient language in India, it will be a long time before people realize the value of this ancient language in the contemporary world.

As we progress by leaps and bounds in the 21st Century, we fail to value some of the most important things of life. More often than not, they form the backbone of our progress and give us our own identity in this era of globalization. This ancient classical language is a plethora of knowledge that is useful even in this century. We only need to use it judiciously in the right way and it is never too late to learn.

Classical Sanskrit Literature
Sanskrit literature came into being with the making of Vedas and left a rich legacy of literary knowledge for the times to come. However, the language of the Vedas differs from the language used in poetry and drama. classical Sanskrit literature is found to be in vogue when it comes to writing poetry and dance dramas.

Sanskrit Drama
The combination of different genres of drama and Sanskrit resulted in a unique amalgamation that gave us the literary treasure of Sanskrit dramas and Sanskrit plays. The famous dramatists of Sanskrit literature were Kalidasa, Bhasa, Shudraka and Asvaghosa who gave us many famous Sanskrit plays.

Sanskrit Poetry
Sanskrit poetry is a vast treasure of knowledge that gives us immense information about ancient thoughts and principles. Some of the best works in ancient Sanskrit literature are in the form of Sanskrit poems. Some of the most famous and respected poets have given us the treasure of poetry in Sanskrit.

Indian Epics
India is the land of famous mythologies and folklores. Some of the greatest works of ancient classical literature are found here. The two famous works that are synonymous to epic literature of India are Ramayana and Mahabharata. These two classical epics of India are written in ancient Sanskrit and present the most common ideals of human civilization that seem to have gone down the drain in the modern times.

Sanskrit Poets
Sanskrit has its roots deeply embedded in our culture. It is further glorified by the famous Sanskrit writers who wrote masterpieces in classical Sanskrit thus giving the language a very prestigious place in the cultural heritage of India. Sanskrit poets of India are an integral and inseparable part of the historical and cultural legacy of this country.

These four Vedas contain a priceless treasure of knowledge. This Vedic literature is aimed at not just sacred rituals, but also at attaining higher levels of understanding about survival, life and death. The word Veda is derived from the word "Vid" which literally means, "Root".