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Origin of Urdu literature in India dates back to the medieval time. Read further about Urdu language and literature in India.

Urdu Literature in India

Urdu literature is a vast field of immense knowledge and rich literary works by famous poets and writers. Though Hindi and Urdu have the same root, they have developed and evolved on distinct lines. Urdu language literature has basically drawn much inspiration from Persian literature. Even today, Urdu has many words that belong to Persian, Arabic and Turkish languages. Hindi has drawn inspiration mainly from Sanskrit. A unique blend of all these languages can be found in the literature in Urdu language, which can be called an amalgamation of the richest languages.

The vocabulary of Urdu language has an enormous reserve of literary words that are absolutely meaningful and beautiful. The refinement and elegance of Urdu language is due to its rich vocabulary. The most noted poet who gave the first push to Urdu poetry was Amir Khusro, who is still revered today, centuries after his death. His poems are still read with much enthusiasm and compassion by poetry lovers all over the world. The strongest developmental phase of Urdu poetry was during 16th and 17th century that saw the emergence of many famous poets and writers during the Muslim reign in Deccan, Bijapur and Golconda in India.

The 18th century saw the refinement of words and many forms of writing like Ghazals, nazms, Doha etc. came into use. The start of 19th century saw the rich works of Urdu being translated into modern Urdu in the Fort William College, Calcutta. The rhyming proses of ancient period also thrived in the early 19th century. The holy book of the Muslims, Quran was translated into Urdu language in the year 1803. In the modern times, the Osmania University founded in 1918 in Hyderabad uses Urdu language as the medium of instruction of education.

Urdu Literature History
One the sweetest languages in the world, the history and origin of Urdu literature is vivid, colorful and harmoniously conjoined that has led to the development of this language. The style of writing the Urdu language has developed tremendously with the domination of Ghazals and nazms, the most dominant forms of verses. The evolution of Urdu literature history has been slow yet steady and today, it is still one of the preferred languages for writing poetry and songs that express

Indian Urdu Writers
Many famous Indian authors have written numerous novels in Urdu language. These novels highlight different aspects of human emotions and society as a whole. In Urdu, novel writers flourished in India as well as countries like Pakistan and other Urdu speaking nations. Urdu has been derived essentially from Persian, Arabic and an offshoot of Sanskrit. Many Urdu novel writers composed brilliant novels in this beautiful language.

Urdu Poets India
Urdu poetry is one of the most vivid and colorful fields of poetry that is read with much enthusiasm and admiration even in the contemporary world. Some of the most famous Urdu poets who have made immense contribution in this field have been discussed in our related sections.

Urdu Poetry in India
The Urdu language is a concoction of many languages and tongues. 'Urdu' is a Turkish word, which literally means 'camp'. Delving into history, we see that when Delhi was ruled over by the Muslim sultanate in the late 12th century, the languages spoken around Delhi (mainly Brij Basha and Sauraseni) got heavily immersed with Persian, spoken by the Muslim rulers. At the same time, other languages such as Turkish and Arabic also arrived in India.