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Haridwar is not just a famous pilgrimage hotspot of India but also has a plethora of shopping destinations to its name. Know more about the shopping places in Haridwar in this write-up.

Shopping In Haridwar

The moment you reach this holy land, you can sense an air of divinity. Haridwar, the gateway to the gods, is not just a darling among pilgrim tourists but also among shopaholics who are always on a hunt to pick up some interesting stuffs. Positioned in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand, Haridwar is definitely not a 'blink-and-you- will-miss-it' place. To know the real pulse of Haridwar, explore the narrow lanes of the city, watch the sages perform pujas along the ghats, take a dip in the River Ganges and, listen to the religious chants that echoes in every nook and corner of the city. Some of the things you shouldn't miss to stuff your tour bag with are glass bangles, semi precious stones, rudraksh seeds and ayurvedic medicines. The streets and shops are more or less filled with religious items. So, don't expect to see vendors selling any classy designer wears or pricey cosmetics. Find out more about the shopping places in Haridwar in the following write-up.

Shopping Places In Haridwar

Bara Bazaar
The ever-bustling Bara Bazaar is put up on the Railway Road. The variety of souvenirs found here is a huge craze among the visitors. Religious and ornamental stuffs like rudraksh, copper utensils, diyas, beads, nose rings, vermilion are undoubtedly the most sought after purchase items here. Health conscious people can head out to ayurveda shops to buy ayurvedic medicines and digestive powders.

Moti Bazaar
Moti Bazaar is another major shopping center in Haridwar. The streets, lined up with petite shops, are so crowded sometimes that there are good chances of you getting lost. Nevertheless, it's fun to explore this place on foot. Don't be surprised to see foreigners buying vermillion and orange robes. Put your bargaining skills to the optimum use or else the clever vendors here may fool you. Some of the popular selling items in this market are sacred beads, precious stones, pickles and ayurvedic medicines.

Jwalapur embraces you with open hands if you are interested in shopping for some great souvenirs and bingeing on some yummy delicacies. The colorful shops are filled with heaps of red vermillion, shining beads, idols of gods, gemstones, jewelry and more. Sweet-tooth lovers must not forget to dig into heavenly milk-made sweets like rasmalai, peda, rasgulla, kheer among others. The streets that are empty in morning get crowded with people by late evenings. To reach Jwalapur, catch the trains from Haridwar that will take you to this shopping destination in a matter of minutes.

Kankhal, the historical town booming with many religious centers and ashrams, promises you an altogether different kind of shopping experience. You can take back home some wonderful puja items like images of deity, sandalwood, rudraksh, idols of gods and goddesses, beads, pure vermillion, etc. Be careful while buying rudraksh seeds that are believed to possess all the healing powers. Many a times the rudraksh seeds that you buy can turn out to be unreal and fake.

Government Run Emporiums
Your trip to Haridwar remains incomplete without visiting the government run emporiums here that deals in all kinds of metal, stone and wooden handicraft items. The UP Handloom Emporium near Bharat Mata Temple tempts the tourists with its exclusive collection of handicrafts and other decorative pieces. Look out for the detailed and intricately carved idols, exotic chains, beaded accessories, nose rings, and kitchen set toys made out of stone. You can also purchase religious CDs, DVDs, and yoga books at quite reasonable prices. Another handicraft emporium to look out for is the Government Emporium at Gandhi Ashram.