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Have little idea on when to visit Haridwar, the holy city in Uttarakhand? To get your timings right, read further to know the best time to visit Haridwar.

Best Time To Visit Haridwar

Extremities characterize Haridwar when it comes to weather! While the summers are blazing hot, the winters are usually very cold in this region. Therefore, the best option for anyone willing to travel to Haridwar is anytime between October to April. Since the place is closely situated to the Sivalik range, the climate is considerably affected by the typical hilly weather. However, the pilgrims, irrespective of the seasons, gather here in multitudes to pay respects to this holy city. It's not just the pilgrims and the tourists who halt at this holy place but even celebrities are known to make hush-hush visits here every now and then. Besides being a scared place, Haridwar is also an important center for learning, arts, science and culture. Thousands of devotees and visitors turn up during the evenings, especially near the ghats to witness prayers held at the riverbank. If you happen to be in Haridwar, then don't miss to attend the evening aartis, which is a spectacular sight in itself. To get more insight about the best time to visit Haridwar, scroll down the article further.

When To Go To Haridwar

Haridwar witnesses a scorching summer, which persists from April to mid July. Tourists who hit Haridwar during this time don't have any option but to cover their faces with clothes or get a shade under umbrella to escape the heat. The temperature sometimes goes up to 440 C, making it extremely hard for people to venture out. The juice stalls and ice cream parlors selling cold drinks and ice creams make a cracking business during this time. However, the nights here offer some relief with the temperatures dropping as low as 250 C.

Monsoon onsets in Haridwar from July and lasts until September. Most of the local inhabitants and tourists do not take the risk of taking a dip in holy Ganges during this time due to overflowing levels of water. During the time of heavy downpour, the streets become visibly empty and people gather in street stalls to while away their time and sip on hot tea and enjoy sizzling snacks.

The winters in Haridwar are nippy with temperatures fluctuating between 60 C min - 240 C max. People prefer to stay indoors except few brave souls who dare to take a dip in the River Ganges. The water of the river is frosty during this time of the year and bathing should be strictly avoided. However, if you plan to visit Haridwar during the winter, then make sure you carry heaps of woolen sweaters, caps and socks or else you may find yourself lying on the hospital bed popping pills. So, better take precaution!

Opting For Your Favorite Season
The right time to visit the holy city is probably from October to March since the climate is moderate during this time of the year. But then again, it all depends on your personal choice and convenience. Each season in Haridwar is interesting, irrespective of the climate. The festivals performed here are undoubtedly the best part of Haridwar's attractions and cannot be missed out. While in the month of March, Ramnavami is celebrated with vigor; in the month of May, Buddha Poornima is conducted with great gusto. Almost, every month is marked by ekadashis, amavasyas, surya grahans and poornimas. Who can miss the well-known Kumbh Mela that takes place once in every 12 years? Scores of pilgrims and travelers flock during this time to take part in this fair. Haridwar is one such place that bustles with actions and events all throughout the year. No matter which time you choose to visit the city, you are likely to return with a rich experience and colorful memories.