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A trip to Aizawl is a perfect way to get up close to the splendors of this scenic valley. Check out the main tourist attractions in Aizawl and plan you itinerary accordingly.

Places To See In Aizawl

Surrounded by the Tuirial and the Tlawng rivers and lush green gorges with fragrant blooms that add color to the landscape, Aizawl is not just the capital but the pride of Mizoram. This tiny little hill state is not just know for its salubrious weather, fresh mountain air and beautiful striking orchids but also for its rich heritage, diverse art and craft and colorful festivals. Aizawl does have quite a few tourist attractions, the most prominent ones being the Mizoram State Museum, Bara Bazaar, Luangmual Handicraft Centre and Mini Zoological Garden. Visit the state museum to get an insight on the Mizoram culture that is uniquely found in the region or head straight to Bara bazaar to stuff your shopping bags with loads of handicraft products that Aizawl is famous for. For all those who can't seem to get enough of the adventure thrills can go trekking up the wildlife reserves and if you are lucky you may just catch a glimpse of Hoolock Gibbon or Assamese Macaque swiftly swinging on tree-tops or see the wild elephants, leopards and the Indian bison lazing around. Read the article to know more about the places to see in Aizawl.

Tourist Attractions In Aizawl

Mizoram State Museum
The Mizoram State Museum is an interesting place to visit in Aizawl. The museum is said to be situated on the Mc Donald Hill, which forms the central part of the town. The storehouse throws light on the life of the 'Mizo tribe' and has an array of collection on weapons, utensils, textiles and other traditional objects. The state museum is certainly an educative tour that you can look forward to while visiting the city.

Bara Bazaar
Most of you would agree that you cannot experience the true charms of a place without delving on the local produces popularly found in the region, even if it means going to a remote hamlet. Bara Bazaar is a well known flea market in the city of Aizawl. You can shop for a variety of bright colorful traditional garments, multihued woven shawls, stoles, handmade wicker baskets, wooden artifacts and many more interesting things. Although Aizawl does not have any hi-end shopping malls, it is quite a unique experience shopping in this open mart.

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre
The Luangmual Handicraft Centre is an interesting place to visit. The centre specializes in handicraft objects found in the region. One of its specialties are the popular 'Khumbeu', the ceremonial hat made from waterproof wild Hnanthial leaves that are grown in the hilly terrain. This handicraft centre is located 7 km away from the main city centre.

Mini Zoological Garden
The zoological garden in Aizawl is said to be located on a hill known as Bethlehem Vengthlang. The sanctuary shelters several species of mammals and birds. The wildlife found in the zoo is unique to the hilly region. The Sun Bears are known to be a major attraction in the zoo that lures tourists to this place. Mini Zoological Garden is a place that people of all age group would enjoy visiting.

Durtlang Hills
Durtlang Hills are a rocky mount that provides a breathtaking view of the entire city of Aizawl. Situated on the northern side of the city, the hill-top is often trekked by tourists and locals who want to catch a panoramic view of the city. Once you reach the highest point of the hill, you are sure to find the view worth trudging the rocky trail.

Berawtlang Tourist Complex
Berawtlang Tourist Complex is yet another important tourist spot and is 7 km away from the capital. The complex is an entertainment centre that hosts a number of cultural activities. The Berawtlang Tourist Complex is a popular avenue that conducts several ceremonial functions and fairs. During the peak season, the building also provides accommodations to the local people. So, the next time you are in the city, make your bookings in advance so that you don't miss out a single moment of the entire ritual practices carried out.

Bung and Paikhai
Paikhai is located 16 km away from the main town and is an ideal picnic spot. You can find many tourists and local people who come to Paikhai to spend a private gathering with friends and loved ones. Bung is located close to Paikhai and is another beautiful and isolated green patch in the hills. So, what are you waiting for, pack that picnic basket and head out to either of the place to enjoy a nice lazy afternoon under a shady tree.