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To explore the attractive landscape and experience the exotic climate of Aizawl, make sure to visit the place at the right time. Read the article to know more about the best time to visit Aizawl.

Best Time To Visit Aizawl

A trip to Northeastern India is incomplete without a visit to the picturesque capital city of Mizoram, Aizawl. To experience the rich tribal culture and vibrant essence of Northeast, you must visit Aizawl - The Home of the Highlanders. The exotic beauty and extravagant climate of the city not only allures people from India but from around the world. Standing high on the east by the sylvan valley of the River Tlawng, a trip to the place takes you away from that polluted and nettlesome city life. The colorful hills in the midst of clean air makes you feel calm and relaxed. Serving as one of the ideal hill stations in India, a family vacation in the city makes for an ideal getaway. Although the city enjoys a blissful climate, make sure to visit the place during the most agreeable season when the city is at its scenic best. To know more on when to visit Aizawl, go through the writing below.

When To Go To Aizawl

Due to its strategic position and close proximity to the Himalayan range, Aizawl mainly experiences a sub tropical climate. Like most other parts in India, Aizawl too witnesses three major seasons, namely summer, winter and monsoon. However, being a hill station, the summers here are usually cool with the mercury level never exceeding beyond 300C. The rainy seasons extending from June to September brings in heavy rains. Winters, extending from November to February, are cold and extremely foggy with temperatures oscillating between 11oC to 210C.

Best Time To Explore Aizawl
Although there is no particular time to explore the beauty of Aizawl, the city looks extremely gorgeous and welcoming from November to March, when the temperature is moderate and pleasant. The brilliant blue sky, cool misty mornings and wonderful calm nights make for a real visual treat. What's more, winter is the best time to enjoy the regional festivities and delve deep into the rich culture of the state. The Chapchar Kut celebrated during the month of February or March is a grand harvest festival that gives you a sneak-peek into the lifestyle of the people of Mizoram. The Pawl Kut celebrated during December of January is other noted festival of the region, which is celebrated with great vigor. To enjoy the colorful culture coupled with attractive climate, do visit Aizawl anytime between November to March.

Things To Do
The lush tapestry of sylvan valleys, scenic hills and streaming lakes makes Aizawl a perfect nature retreat. Flecked with umpteenth attractions, this archaic city, dotted with tiny timber houses, beautiful blooms and contoured hills looks postcard perfect. Apart from its beautiful countryside and other scenic splendors, this tribal city offers a host of other attractions like sumptuous cuisine, salubrious weather and fun-filled festivals that makes the city come alive. To savor real Mizoram, do pay a visit to Mizoram State Museum which is chockfull of ancient relics and gorgeous artworks. If you are a shopping freak, then hitting the market lanes of Bazaar Bungkawn, Ritz Market, Burma Lane and New Market would tempt you to loosen your purse strings and indulge. After shopping and sightseeing, savoring the local delicacies is strongly recommended.