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Indian Water Monitor lizard belongs to the Varanidae Family. Read on to know more about the Water monitors of India.

Water Monitor

Indian Water Monitor lizard is one of the largest as well as the heaviest species of lizards, second only to the Komodo Monitors. The average length of a water monitor is around 4 feet. Its entire upper body has round and protruding scales and the abdomen is covered with smooth scales. Usually drab gray or olive in color, Water monitors of India are dotted with circular-shaped yellow spots. The tail is quite long, making 1/3rd of the total length. Their claws are very sharp and the sense of smell is highly developed.

Geographical Range
Water monitors are found inhabiting India, Philippine Islands, Sri Lanka, Southern China, Malaysia, and Borneo. However, they are rarely seen living far away from water and are extremely good swimmers.

The diet of Water Monitor lizards comprises of fish, crabs, mollusks, insects, eggs, frogs, snakes, birds, and at times, other lizards also. Larger lizards may also eat monkeys, small deer, carrion and even human corpses.
Mating Behavior
Indian Water Monitor
The breeding season of the Water Monitors of India stretches throughout the year. The clutch size usually consists of 15 eggs. The nests are made in burrows, tree hollows and even inside termite mounds.

Water Monitor Facts

Kingdom : Animalia
Scientific Name : Varanus salvator
Class : Reptilia
Order : Squamata
Suborder : Sauria
Family : Varanidae
Genus : Varanus
Species : V. salvator
Breeding Season : Throughout the year
Clutch Size : Around 15 eggs
Average Length : Around 4 feet