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Rahu Puja is dedicated to planet Rahu. Grah Shanti Rahu Pooja is also known as Dragon's Head Worship.

Rahu Puja

Direction : South - West
Gemstone : Hessonite
Metal : Iron
Color : Black
Flower : Mandarai
Associated No. : 8 (Eight)
Grain : Orid / Urad Daal
Food : Rice mixed with Urad Daal Powder
Dhyan Mantra : Ardhakayam Mahaviryam Candraditya Vimardanam Simkika Garbha Sambhutam Tam Rahu Pranmam Yaham
Rahu Gayatri Mantra: Aum Sookdantaya Vidmahe
Ugraroopaya Dheemahi
Tanno Rahu Prachodayat

Rahu Puja or the Dragon's Head Worship is dedicated to planet Rahu. Grah Shanti Rahu Pooja is recommended for those, having malefic Rahu or wrongly placed Rahu as per the horoscope. Here is list of things associated with Rahu (Dragon's Head).

In Vedic astrology, the North Node of the Moon is called Rahu. Rahu is described by scriptures as half-bodied, born of a lioness, snakelike, having a huge body and being extraordinarily powerful. Rahu is called dark or shadow planet because of the Node's association with the phenomena of eclipses. The nature of Rahu is Airy.

Rahu Puja / Worship of Dragon's Head
Rahu Puja is performed to appease the planet Rahu. Rahu Puja is very useful & beneficial, since it strengthens and increases the positive influence and neutralizes the negative effects of Rahu. Rahu Puja is recommended for those having malefic Rahu or wrongly placed Rahu as per horoscope. Chanting of the following mantra helps to get the blessings of the Dragon's head.

Aum Kleem Kleem Rog Naashaay Raahave Kleem Kleem Phat
The proper worship of the Dragon's Head blesses all those who suffer from sudden illness, loss of money and delay in marriage.

Rahu / Dragon's Head - Its Position
Rahu is considered as the first rate malefic. Rahu has no sign ruler ships, although it is said to favor Mercury and Jupiter's signs according to some authorities, while others claim that Rahu favors the sign of Aquarius. Rahu stays for 1.6 year or 18 months in each Graha. Rahu is windy in temperament and is intelligent.

Rahu - Its Significance
Dragon's head or Rahu is associated with the world of material manifestation and worldly desire. Rahu is associated with the spiritual process of involution, or the engrossing of spirit in materialization. Rahu is an indicator of worldly desire, fame, greed, high intelligence, manipulation, obsessive behavior, foreigners, mass disease, dementia and inertia. Rahu is believed to strengthen one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend.