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There are distinctive types of fat burning cardio exercises that help to condition your cardiovascular fitness in the best manner.

Types Of Cardio Exercises

Cardio is an abbreviation for cardiovascular exercises. The exercises which lift your heart rate and keep it elevated for a period of time are known as cardio exercises. An alternate name to these kinds of exercises is aerobic exercises. These exercises help in cardiovascular workouts. Commonly known cardio exercises are jogging, brisk walking and swimming. Read on to explore more about cardio exercises.

A cardio is said to be extremely beneficial for body. First of all, it strengthens the heart and enhances the lung capacity. The cardio exercises are also suitable means of maintaining perfect metabolism and burning calories. Experts say that a regular habit of cardio exercises also helps you relieve stress as it promotes restful sleep and helps you relax. There are several varieties of cardio exercises to choose from. Given here are few cardio exercises:

Running is the most common kind of cardio exercise. It is enjoyed by people of all age, especially by youngsters. In morning, running in fresh air helps to rejuvenate as well as burn calories.

Bicycling is another kind of aerobic or cardio exercise that helps in losing oodles of weight. It also magically works on your cardiovascular fitness. Performing it as indoor or outdoor activity entirely depends upon an individual's choice. An alternative to bicycling is Power Walking.

Swimming is the best cardio exercise in summers. Not only does it help in overall weight and balanced weight loss, but it also provides total support to your joints and reduces the risk of any kind of injury.

Walking is another effective cardio vascular exercise. Half an hour of normal walking can burn about 180 calories. Apart from this, if you like brisk walking, your speed of weight loss will be almost doubled. It is easy and requires no surplus preparation.

Though at a glance, this machine looks complicated in the corner of gym. However, rowing is one of the most effective cardio. It helps in loosing about 300 calories in half an hour if done with vigor. It also gets your heart rate up, as you crazily work on your arms.

Step Aerobics
Step Aerobics is one of the most popular cardio exercises. It aims basically on the workout of the legs, hips and butts. It can make you lose 400 calories in half an hour if done with intensity.

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing is a wonderful cardio. It can help you lose about 380 calories in half an hour, but is meant only for those who are well trained in this art.