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There are some fabulous stretching exercises for your neck muscles. Read about neck strengthening exercises.

Neck Strengthening Exercises

Neck pain is not a new thing for people who spend most of their work hours juggling with computers and files. Even those who are in traveling job, spend most of their time struggling with the uneven roads on their vehicles. Any continuous position for a prolonged phase brings such body ache problems with itself. However do not mistake to take these back and neck problems for granted, continuous ignorance to such conditions can lead you to chronic stage of spondylitis and make you bed ridden.

In case you want to do some thing about this aggravating problem and are bound in a strict schedule throughout, do not worry, read on to know about certain handy exercises which can be performed any where any time. These exercises will not only relieve you from your persistent pain in neck, but also make sure that your neck muscles get strengthened and flexible enough to bear the pressure of your long working hours in future. Apart from this, they also relieve your stress and make you feel rejuvenated. Here are some useful yet easy to perform neck-strengthening exercises:

For Lateral Resistance Of Neck
For improving the lateral resistance of your neck, you can perform this easy exercise. Simply hold your one hand against the side of your head and resist the movement of your neck as you try to touch your shoulder with your ear. Repeat the exercise on both side and try holding each of the positions for a minimum count of 5.

For Forward Resistance Of Neck
For improving the forward resistance of your neck, you can do this simple exercise. Just hold both your hands against your forehead and hold for some time. Now, push against your hands to move your head in forward direction. Try holding each of the positions for a minimum count of 5.

For Backward Resistance Of Neck
In case you are more worried with the persistent pain in backside of your lower neck, this is one wonderful exercise for you. Simply place both your hands behind your neck. Let it rest for some time. Now try to push you head backwards without raising your chin. Try holding each of the positions for a minimum count of 5.

For Complete Resistance Of Neck
If you are too busy to perform even the above mentioned exercises; there is one simple 5-second-exercise as a substitute to all of them. This exercise will help you gain complete resistance of neck if performed regularly. Simply hold one hand against one side of your head and try to rotate your head towards your shoulder. Try to resist this movement with your hand and hold this posture for a count of 5.