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Working out with dumbbells serves as the perfect way for toning muscles. Read about weight training with dumbbells.

Working Out With Dumbbells

To look good, it is very important to have a toned body, and such body comes from a proper fitness regime. In order to tone your muscles and keep your body in shape, you need to religiously follow the weight training program. Not only does the weight training program provide you a well-shaped body, it also provides you with a super active internal system and oodles of stamina. The most simple and effective means of weight training program is working out with dumbbells.

Benefits Of Working With Dumbbells
There are several benefits of working with dumbbells. First of all, it provides you with a flexibility of carrying out the exercise anywhere. Secondly it also provides natural movement to your elbows, toning the hand and wrist muscles. The dumb bells can also be used in several innovative ways to act as a prop for several kinds of exercise. Apart from all this, working with dumbbells does not only help in your muscle toning, but also help in stabilizing your joints.

Dumbbell Exercises

For Arms
To start with, rest your arms on the sides of body with the wrists neutral and facing each other. Gradually bring one dumbbell up to your shoulder and start rotating your wrist inward. Get back to original posture and repeat with alternate hand.

For Chest
Even for the chest exercise, the dumbbell can be used as a prop. Lie on your back at a flat bench while placing your head on the edge of the bench. Now hold the dumbbell and extend your arms above your chest. Begin with single hand and gradually switch to using both the hands. Do not tremble your wrists or lock your elbow while doing this exercise.

For Back
While using the dumbbell for your back exercises, stand with your feet wide apart and with a bend at the knees. Now bend your wrists without looking downwards. Gradually grasp and lift a pair of dumbbell with an overhand grip to touch your upper abdominals. Reverse the movement and then keep on going till you feel tired.

For Shoulder
For shoulder exercise, simply lean forward at the waist and place your one hand on a bench for support. Now hold a dumbbell in your free hand with parallel arms extended and raise it above the floor up to your shoulder level. Do it with alternate hands one by one.