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Here are some fantastic chest strengthening stretching exercises. Read about exercises for firming chest.

Exercises for Firming Chest

In the present scenario, people are becoming very conscious about their looks and appearance. Each one of us desire for a body that is attractive. For people who need a lean upper body, some wonderful stretching exercises for chest not only help in toning, but also work a great deal in making the upper body appear thinner. Everyone has a dream of having a well-defined and developed chest. To achieve a well-defined and balanced chest, you must include several chest-building exercises in your fitness regime. Your chest building exercise workout must have different exercises from different angles to develop all the parts for your chest. Here are some exercises for firming chest.

Push-Ups - Pushups draw its emphasis on the chest and arms. For a basic pushup, place hands shoulder-width apart on the floor, bend arms and lower down as far as you can. Straighten arms and push up without locking elbows.

Chest Press - To perform a basic chest press, lie on your back with arms extended over your chest, dumbbells in your hand and palms facing forward. Now while inhaling, lower the dumbbells; elbows bending just above your chest. Hold for a second. While exhaling, go to the original position.

Chest Flies - The fly also works out the major muscles of the chest, particularly on the outer portion. For a fly, lie on a bench with palms facing in. Lower weights out to sides, elbows slightly bent; stop at shoulder level and then bring weights back up over chest.

Triangle Posture - Stand with your feet wide apart. Extend your arms side wards. Inhale and bend down to the right side, so that right hand touches the side of your right foot, left hand pointing to the ceiling. Focus your eyes on the left hand. Exhale on your way to the original position. Repeat for the opposite side.

Butterfly - Lie down facing the ceiling. Extend your arms out to the sides of your body. Hold weights in your hands (you can take 500ml of water bottle as substitute) and raise your arms until you see a 'V' form in front of your face. Then go back to your starting position.

Bench Press - Lie down on the bench, keeping your back straight. Now lift weights straight up and hold for a few seconds. Now bring the weights down. Lie on the back with face upward on bench, step or floor, abs tight and lower back flattened on bench. Start with weights directly over chest, elbows at 90-degree angles. Press arms straight up without locking, then lower back to starting position.