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Here are some shoulder strengthening stretching exercises to enhance the flexibility of your shoulder muscles.

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

We people spend a major part of the day, sitting in front of computer, doing our work. Amidst such a hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to spare time for carrying out some form of physical workout, so as to ensure health fitness. And owing to this fact, people suffer from problems like pain in shoulder blades. But, there are some real easy to perform shoulder-strengthening exercises that you can carry out, even while at work. Read further to learn a couple of stretching exercises for shoulder muscles…

Not only these exercises for shoulder flexibility make you feel active, but also help in toning your muscles. In fact, every person needs to carry out some basic stretches at frequent intervals, to keep away pain and laziness. Apart from the health benefits, it also has soothing effects. It provides relaxation to your tired paining shoulders, keeps your blood circulation going smooth and also helps in relieving stress.

Here are a few stretching exercises for your shoulder muscles:

Heavy Hinges: this is a fabulous stretch not just for your shoulders, but also for your triceps. Stand upright; pushing both your arms straight back, facing downwards. Hold this position for a few seconds. Bend in arms at the elbow (like a hinge), fingers pointing straight ahead, and hold for five seconds. Do about 5 to 10 repetitions.

Chop Wood: if you observe a person doing this stretch, it will appear, as if the person is chopping woods with his axe. But, in actuality, there is no axe in your hand, so don't make your wood cutting movements jerky. Stand straight and clasp both your hands. Now take your clasped hands close to your right shoulder, as if resting an axe there. Now straighten your elbows and move your hands and try touching your left thigh. Take your clasped hands towards your left shoulder and make an attempt to touch your right thigh. Alternating the sides, do about 7 - 8 reps on each side.

Ready For Fight: this is a great exercise workout to increase the flexibility of your shoulder blades. If you'll work on your shoulders that will indirectly help you to strengthen your neck and back also. Sit straight in a chair and raise your arms in such a manner, so as to flare your elbows in an outward position. Keep your hands at your shoulder level and give a push to your elbows, as much as you can. Don't exert pressure on your shoulder blades. Do about 10 to 15 reps.