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Here are some exercises to correct sitting posture. Read about posture correction exercises.

Posture Correction Exercises

We all aspire to look good, but while taking care of all other minor issues we often forget to take care of one of the most important thing - our posture. A correct posture is a mandatory requirement for an effective personality. Until and unless you stand tall, sit straight and bow with perfection, confidence does not reflect from your personality. We often think that why someone looks so effective despite not having jaw dropping looks; the answer to it is his/her perfect posture which adds confidence to his persona.

Be Determined To Correct Your Posture
In case, you have ignored your posture for long and are now willing to get back in correct one; do not worry, as there are certain exercises which will help you attain a right posture once again. Though it will be a little painful and difficult for you to abide by your own rules initially, do not lose patience, a little effort will help you stick to the right posture for ever.

What Actually Is A Correct Posture?
Ideally, a correct posture means sitting with your back straight, chest up and out and your belly completely tucked in. Make sure you do not stiff yourself so hard that it becomes a strain for your muscles and bones. Also make sure that the chair you use for a long time is comfortable and gives support to your spine. Try to sit at a go without jerking your body. Likewise, try to stand in the same flow.

Given here are certain exercises to check on your posture:

Cervical Retraction
Take a chair and sit straight, yet comfortably, on it with your feet touching the floor. Now relax for a while and then simply pull your chin straight in without nodding your head up or down. Repeat it few times for correcting your cervical posture.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze
For shoulder blade squeeze, you simply need to sit on a chair with your hands resting on your thighs. Now when you feel at ease, slowly move your shoulders backwards and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Breastbone Lift
For strengthening your lower trapezius muscles, you must perform a breastbone lift. Simply sit at ease and lift your breastbone few inches higher. Now gently compress your shoulder blades down and together.

Abdominal Pull-In
Abdominal pull-in is the best way to tuck in your bulging belly. It is also one of the easiest exercises. Simply pull your tummy in while inhaling and then exhale gradually at ease. Repeat it as many as times you can on a count of five.