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A popular religious destination in India, Tirupati captivates every tourist with its slew of shopping stuff. Read the article to know more on shopping places in Tirupati.

Shopping In Tirupati

India is a land of innumerable holy shrines dedicated to its many gods and goddess. However, none of them can be compared to the temple of Tirupati for the spiritual vibe that it evokes among thousands of devotees. The journey through the winding hilly terrain to the first the magnificent temple is sure to set in the adrenaline rush in you. The entire atmosphere of the place resonates with the scared chants of Lord Venkateswara that connects you to the spiritual side of you. After you have visited the main sanctum of Lord Venkateswara, do look around for the street-side shopping attractions of the place. If you are looking to carry back home some prized souvenirs, then be sure to find a more than a few items in these shops that will bring back memories of this divine place. Even though Tirupati is not a shopping paradise, you can find a lot of handicraft items, music CD's, fancy gift products, jewelry, books and many more things in and around the city's shopping lanes. Read the article to know what to expect in this town. To know the shopping places in Tirupati and understand what to buy, scroll down.

Things To Buy In Tirupati

Although Tirupati cannot be exactly said to be a shopper's paradise, you can find numerous shops selling terracotta products such as pots, lamps, face marks, toys and other artifacts found in different shapes and multi colors. Speaking about pottery items, you can also find piggy banks made of mud in different shapes that are very popular among children. Tirupati is well known for its wooden craft items as well as Kalamkari art works that are uniquely shaped wooden carvings of Hindu gods and goddess.

Traditional Items
You can also find several shops that sell traditional wooden toys at a very nominal price. For all those art lovers who don't mind splurging, you can look at buying the beautiful Tanjore paintings made of gold. Madanpalli is a town close to Tirupati and is famous for its classic Tanjore paintings that generally depict mythological characters and motifs. The best place to find most handicraft items whether it is a wooden carvings or traditional frescos you can find them in Lepakshi Emporium and APCO Handloom House on Old Huzur Office Road for both traditional weaves and handmade items.

Devotional CD's
If you are looking to buy something for the older generation, you can browse through the religious and devotional CDs that are commonly found in Tirupati in several music shops. Some of the well known music shops in the town are Sri Ganesh Sounds in Beri Streets, Priya Musicals & CD Store in A.K. Palli Road, Music World on K.T.Road etc to name a few. If you are not looking for music CD's you can also find quite a few religious book house on Prakasam Road.

Gift Items
The city also has several gift items such as photo frames, copper and brass sculptors of Hindu mythological idols. Most of these deities come in wide variety of colors and unique forms. Apart from this, the place is the best place to shop for bangles, bracelets, anklets, silver jewelry, games, etc. Bazaar Street, T.K Street, Gandhi Road sell such items at a throw away prices.