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Romantic, blissful and heavenly, a jaunt to Mussoorie can just turn up to be your dream vacation. Read the article to know when to go to Mussoorie and experience the hill station at its scenic best.

Best Time To Visit Mussoorie

If you are looking forward to an unforgettable vacation this summer, then the hills of Mussoorie could top your itinerary list. Feted for its unparalleled scenic splendor, Mussoorie, the much talked about tourist hotspot in Uttarakhand, with all its verdant forests and green valleys, definitely makes for the coolest getaways. Fondly tagged as the "Queen of the Hills," you are likely to fall in love with the place and its pristine beauty once you reach this city. The spectacular view of snow-clad mountains, crowded markets, lush green surroundings and welcoming weather makes it an ideal escape from the hot simmering days of summer. Well-known for its natural beauty, Mussoorie also offers a string of adventure activities like trekking, skating, river rafting, camping and boating to the enthusiasts. If you are an adventure-sport aficionado, then Mussoorie is definitely your thing. However, the attractions of this hill station are not just confined to its hills, greens and adventure sports. Mussoorie also poses as a haven for the shopaholics and entices people from far and near to splurge in its regional specialties like wooden carvings, handicrafts, woolen garments and precious stones. To make your trip to Mussoorie a memorable one, timing your visit right is a must. The article below provides all the necessary information on best time to visit Mussoorie. Trail down this article and gear up for a fascinating getaway.

When To Go To Mussoorie


Situated at an altitude of 6000 feet above the sea level, Mussoorie enjoys a pleasant climate all throughout the year. The summers, extending from March to June, are usually bright and sunny with temperatures varying between 250 C - 100 C. The place remains packed with vacationers during the summers, as people from all corners of the country hit the hill station to evade the blistering hot summers of the plains. The monsoon here, which lasts from July to mid-September, brings in heavy rains, thereby, making the terrain highly unsuitable for trekking, driving and any other outdoor sports. The winter months of December, January and February brings in the hilly chill, with temperatures oscillating between 100 C - 10 C. To protect yourself from the biting frost, its advised to pack in a few extra woolen in your luggage if you happen to be in the city during winters.

Best Time To Explore Mussoorie
With its convivial climate and upbeat ambiance, the splendor of Mussoorie can be best enjoyed in any season. However, to experience the best of the place, hit the city anytime between April to June and from September to November. What's more, if you are an adventure freak and consider yourself somewhere close to a 'red-blooded athlete', then sports like trekking, camping and rock climbing will sure send your adrenaline levels soaring. If you plan to hit the hill station during the summers, then don't forget to pile you luggage with light cottons for a comfortable stay. A post-monsoon visit should also be a good way to enjoy the greenery and indulge in water sports like river rafting.

Things To Do
Kick-start your day in Mussoorie with an awesome dip in Kempty Falls. From here, you can start your journey by exploring the list of attractions, which includes Yamuna Pool, Bhadraj Temple, Municipal Garden, Mossey Falls and Jharipani Falls. For the nature enthusiasts, exploring the wildlife at Van Chetna Kendra can turn out to be quite a sport. If you love water, then don't forget to go boating in Mussoorie. For the adventure freaks, Mussoorie offers a string of interesting sports. For instance, a trekking in the regions of Gangotri, Yamunotri and Garhwal Himalayas is nothing short of a challenge and poses as enticing bait for the adventurists.