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Shopping in Lakshadweep isn't about hi-end malls or trendy stores. Scroll down this article to know the shopping places in Lakshadweep and make your stay even more exciting.

Shopping In Lakshadweep

A five-day holiday cruise across Kavaratti, Minicoy and Kalpeni, a snorkeling experience in Bangaram Island, and a ride in glass-bottomed boats across the coral reefs in Agatti Island. If all this hedonistic activities seems too less for you, then you can always indulge in a bit of retail therapy to put a brilliant closure to your wonderful stay in Lakshadweep. Although, this tropical resort does not promise you a shop-till-you-drop experience or have any luxury malls or high-end shopping destinations to boast of, shopping here still is an experience in itself. From amazing beach handicrafts to classic coral shells and oysters, you will find an exciting range of knick-knacks and souvenirs to pick from the roadside stalls in Lakshadweep. Besides these, you can also shop for mind-boggling coconut shell curios, amazing seashell artifacts and other local handicrafts that you won't find anywhere else on this earth. One thing, when shopping in Lakshadweep, you have to think beyond the obvious! If you are traveling to Lakshadweep and plan to indulge in shopping, then the following write-up on shopping places in Lakshadweep will let you know what to buy and where to look for the best bargains.

Things To Buy In Lakshadweep


When traveling, everyone likes to take back home some wonderful souvenirs that would remind them of their memorable trip. If you plan to pick some keepsakes for your family and friends, then hit the roadside stalls or the beach shops that are a treasure-trove of oysters, corals and seashells. You will find an amazing array of curios, chunky jewelry, ornamental stuff and even utility items crafted out of these shells. What's more, you can also pick up armlets, bracelets, spoon, forks made of conch shell or go for ashtrays, buttons and table lamps made of tortoise shells. These out-of-the-box souvenirs are sure to be a major hit back home. So grab these shells in gobs and present it to your dear ones.

Packaged Food
With its head-reeling smorgasbord of lip smacking cuisine, you are unlikely to get starved in Lakshadweep. However, apart from wolfing out on Lakshadweep cuisine, you can also buy some tinned tuna, curried canned fish and biscuits, which are quite a rage in the island. Just check out the retail shops that you find in and around and make your pick from the amazing array of packaged food found here. What's more, you can carry cans of fish back home and present it to a die-hard piscivorous. He/she will absolutely adore you for this.

When bored of snorkeling, river rafting and kayaking, then steal sometime from your busy schedule and hit the aquarium stores to check out the colorful marine life kept in the fish tanks here. If you are a staunch fish enthusiast, then you might even carry some colorful fishes back home. With an amazing array of marine life to boast of, you can buy here almost anything, ranging from fishes to fish tank to aquarium supplies and more.