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A popular tourist destination on the Malabar Coast, the city is flocked by international tourist all through the year. Read the article to know when to go to Kochi.

Best Time To Visit Kochi

Erstwhile a European colony, the port city of Kochi remains an all-time favorite hotspot for the globetrotters. Whether it is their balmy spices, intriguing colonial past, or the enormously therapeutic Ayurvedic massages, a trip to Kochi is truly relaxation re-defined. If this is your first trip to Kochi, then put your apprehensions aside for this south Indian city is as beautiful, amicable and upbeat as any other top-notch tourist destination. From stunning views of the sunset to feisty boat race to delicious coconut seafood curries, Kochi is one place that never lets you down. Added to its many attractions is the impeccable fusion of colonial culture with the local customs and traditions that truly sets Kochi apart from all other Indian cities. Flanked by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats on either sides of the coast, the city does not see any radical changes with regards to its weather. In fact, Kochi is a wonderful place to go vacationing, soak up some history, browse the art galleries, and chill-out by the Arabian Sea. Read the article given below to know when to go to Kochi to have a memorable holiday.

When To Go To Kochi


Kochi has tropical monsoon climate with summers being intense hot and monsoons accompanied by frenzied rainfall. Summers in Kochi begins in the month of March and lasts until June. The mercury level during summers usually fluctuates between 230 C - 310 C, with humid levels soaring up to 380 C at times. Monsoons in Kochi begin in mid June and last until September. During this time, the city receives abundant showers. Winters in Kochi are never severe. However, sporadic rains may shoot down the temperature levels during the winter months.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
Kochi can be visited anytime of the year. However, traveling during summers is not recommended as the city can be extremely humid and unbearable during this time. However, if you enjoy sunny weathers and don't mind wandering around the city in summer heat, then visit the place in the month of February to March. The weather is relatively tolerable during this period and is a great time to go on boat rides on the emerald backwaters of Kochi. The adventure hearts can also go yachting. As the month of June commences and the clear blue skies transform into dark grey clouds, thick fat raindrops washes away the summer dust in the city. June to September is the time of intense precipitation. The entire city turns into a jade colored rainforest with mother earth posing at her glorious best. Ideally, monsoon is not the best time to visit Kochi. However, if you insist on witnessing the rainfall, then you can visit anytime between October to February as during these months the place receives sporadic showers and the weather is relatively pleasant, making it a perfect time to venture outdoors.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Kochi is anytime during the post-monsoon months of October and February. With light drizzles and mild temperature, the weather condition couldn't get more agreeable. Another reason for you to plan a trip during this time is to take part in the Cochin Carnival that takes place in the month of December. The ten-day fiesta is a celebration that involves a string of activities such as 'rangoli', tug-of-war, swimming, boat race and many such competitions. On the final day, the celebrations end with an amazing firework spectacle that is a spectacular sight to see.