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Call it Prayag, Triveni or Sangam, a visit to the hallowed city of Allahabad truly makes for an enriching experience. To know how to reach Allahabad, read on.

How To Reach Allahabad

Allahabad, the most hallowed destination in the country, attracts scores of visitors each day. While a few visitors hit the holy land to find out what the divine place is all about, there are others who come all the way from Singapore, Dubai and other foreign places just to take a dip in the holy confluence and absolve themselves of all sins. Traveling to Allahabad is hardly bothersome since there are a wide range of transportation facilities available for the tourist's convenience. To unravel the unseen and sample the real flavor of Allahabad, hire a tempo or a cycle rickshaw and wheel down the narrow city lanes. As the vehicle traverses down the streets, make a stopover at the main market areas of Katra, Civil Lines and Chowk and splurge on intriguing souvenirs. So, if you have just made up your mind to tour Allahabad, then gathering information about the transportation modes available to reach the place is beneficial. To know more on how to reach Allahabad, go through the following article.

Traveling To Allahabad

By Air
Allahabad, the pilgrim city of India, has an airport of its own that connects to only a few cities of Kolkata, Delhi and Lucknow. So, the only option left for travelers is to avail the nearest airports of Babatpur Airport (Varanasi), Amausi Airport (Lucknow) and Chakeri Airport (Kanpur). Once you reach any of these airports, you can hire private taxis or cabs to reach your destination.

By Rail
The city is linked to major metropolitan cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai by rail. Allahabad has four excellent railway stations - Prayag Station, City Station at Rambagh, Daraganj Station and Allahabad Station, which in turn are connected to all the major railway heads in the country. While from Bangalore, there is Bagmati and Sanghmitra Express plying at regular intervals to Allahabad junction, from Mumbai there is Mahanagari Express and Kolkata Mail that operates on all days.

By Road
Since Allahabad is blessed with excellent road network and highways, traveling to this place by road is very inconvenient. There are many private and government buses that ply to Allahabad from many metro cities. If you enter inside this city, you can find three important bus stands, namely Civil Lines on MG Marg, Zero Road and Leader Road. The buses that operate from these bus stands travel to important destinations like Kanpur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Delhi and Agra.

Local Transportation
There is no dearth of local transportation within the city. There are several local buses, tourist taxis, auto rickshaws and even cycle-rickshaws that would take you anywhere within the city for a nominal fee. The drivers might charge more especially to tourists, so it's always better to bargain before you get yourself a seat. Traveling by tempos is another good and the cheapest option. Hire the tempos from busy areas like Kareli, Kutchery, Rambagh, Naini, Teliyarganj, Jhansi, and Civil Lines. Tourists who are put up in the city hotels can rent cars through local tour operators or from the hotel staffs who are ever ready to arrange the tours.