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Here is brief information on ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 symbol

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Logo

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007
The ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 logo has been developed by the design agency Minale Bryce Design Strategy (MBDS) in consultation with a Caribbean consortium of agencies called Howzat.

The logo reflects the aspects of Caribbean life, resonates with an international audience and encapsulates the spirit of cricket. The vibrant red central figure in the logo manifests the exuberance associated with dance and celebration. The red colour denotes the passion for the game of cricket all around the world.

The cricket symbols of bat, ball and stumps, presented in a palette of vibrant colours and shapes of symbols from the Carribean, represent the spirit of cricket and life in the Caribbean.

The bat and ball are positioned as the figurative trunk and fruit of the palm tree. The vibrant green of the crown of the palm tree, and the azure blue which stands for the surrounding sky and seas, denote the backdrop in which the World Cup will take place.

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