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Read for a brief profile of the Sabina Park cricket stadium, Kingston, Jamaica.

Sabina Park

Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Established: 1930
Capacity: 30,000
End Names: Blue Mountains End, Headley Stand End
World Cup Matches: Opening Match on March 13, 2007; First Round matches; Semi Final

Sabina Park, Jamaica
The Sabina Park cricket stadium in Kingston, Jamaica is one of the most well known cricket grounds in the Caribbean. Sabina Park gained the status of a Test venue in 1930 when it hosted the visiting MCC team for the second Test in the West Indies' first home series. During the 1970s and '80s the stadium was notorious for its fast and bouncy pitch that became a deathbed for batsmen.

Sabina Park has the enviable record of being home to Test cricket's some of the most glorious moments. Gary Sobers created cricket history here in 1958 when he scored 365 runs against Pakistan, which remained the highest individual test score for over 36 years. In fact the first triple century in Test cricket was made at the Sabina Park stadium when England's Andy Sandham scored 325 against the West Indies in 1930.

The Sabina Park stadium in Kingston has been extensively renovated for the upcoming ICC cricket world cup. The opening match of the 2007 ICC World Cup between the host West Indies and Pakistan will be played here on March 13, 2007. Sabina Park will host a total of 7 world cup matches, including the opening match and one of the semifinals on April 24, 2007.

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