Here is a milestone chart for toddlers, milestones for toddler up to 18 months old and development chart for toddlers till one and half year old.

Milestone Chart for Toddlers (One Year to One and a Half Year Old)

This milestone chart is for toddlers who are thirteen months to eighteen months old. It enumerates skills that children normally do, are still learning and the ones that they might do though they are still advanced for their age, month by month, from thirteen months of age to the age of eighteen months or one and a half year:

Age of the Child Common Skills Skills Still Learning Rare Skills
13 months old or just one year old Learns to use two words besides 'mama' and 'dada' well
Stoops while standing to pick up objects
Stands without support
Finds gazing at his reflection funny and amusing
Drinks from a cup
Plays hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo
Uses combination of words and gestures to express himself
Tries to lift heavy things
Rolls a ball back and forth like to play 'Catch and throw'
14 months old Feeds using fingers
Pull things out from jars and empties containers
Imitates others
Walks well while toddling
Makes and starts his own games to play
Learns the names of body parts and point to them when the name is said
Starts learning how to use spoon or fork
Can find matching lids of containers, pots and pans according to size and shape
Pushes and pulls toys while walking
15 months old Plays with ball
Learns about five words other than initial vocabulary Can walk backward
Can draw a dot and a line
Masters running
'No' becomes his favorite word
Can climb up stairs
Begins to learn with household chores
Learns to put his fingers to mouth and say 'shhh' to indicate silence or secrecy
16 months old Can turn the pages of a book
Has toddler temper tantrums Has favorite toy or object to which he becomes attached
Climbs well
Can stack up to three blocks
Learns to use common objects such as telephone
Can take a piece or two of clothes by himself
May become picky eater
Nap times reduce from two to one
17 months old Vocabulary increases and he learns to use some words regularly
Loves to play pretend games and riding toys
Understands and responds to directions May feed dolls like a real baby
Speech becomes clear
Dances when music plays
Learns to sort toys by color, shape or size
Learns to kick ball to launch it forward
18 months old or One and a half year old Loves to watch the pictures or 'read' his board books on his own
Learns to scribbles well
Can pedal his tricycle
Can put words together to make phrases
Brush teeth with help
Can stack up to four cubes together
Throws ball overhand
Loves to pull toys apart and then put them back together
Ready for toilet training