Know about advantages of breast milk, reasons for breastfeeding babies and importance of mother's milk for child.

Advantages of Breast Milk

Nature has intended to strengthen the bond of mom and child by making mother's milk a necessity for the baby. Digestive system in a newborn baby is so delicate that it can only digest breast milk easily. Baby develops in the mother's body and thus, the chemical constitution of the breast milk suits the baby more than anything else. Hence, every baby has a right over mother's milk for the first six to seven months of his life. In the beginning, cow or buffalo's milk can put unnecessary stress on the baby's digestive system though gradually, baby develops the ability to digest them too.

Judging by the course of nature, the pregnancy period of nine months, the pain during the delivery, the draining of blood during and after the delivery, together put much stress on mom's body while nursing is much easier for a mom. Experts have proven that Nature prepares every living being for its life stages well and supplements him with extra endowments to go through each stage. If we follow the natural course, we will be the safest. In teenaged girls, menstrual cycle starts at the specific time and stops at the appropriate time too. This cycle does not have any negative effect on their health whereas if we are injured and start bleeding as much, we will feel quite tired and weak.

Similarly, any protrusion such as tumors or swellings may hurt us while development of breasts in a teenaged girl indicated normal development in her. Any delays in both these processes become a cause for worry and are not good for a girl's health. As soon as a baby takes birth, mother's breasts are stimulated enough to produce milk to feed the baby and thus, we should not deprive our children of this precious gift of the Nature to the little ones. As soon as a woman enters the youth, the hormones called estrogen and progesterone prepare her body for producing milk for the baby and breasts develop accordingly. After the delivery, breasts produce enough milk to feed the baby.

Not only do breasts produce milk but also they also efficiently drip to satisfy baby's hunger. If this milk does not drip properly or is not fed on by the bay, it pains a lot until the milk is pumped out and may even result in excessive hurtful experience and disease. There are cases when both these hormones are not produced properly and thus, not only the moms have to face the problems, babies are also deprived of proper nutrition. Mother's milk has many additional nutrients that are not present in cattle-produced milk such as lactones (produced from glucose in blood) and proteins (produced from amino acids). In mother's milk, all the nutrients are present in balanced form, appropriate for baby's diet. With the advancing age of the child, the baby needs more nutrition and more nutrients that the baby can get only from the mother's milk and not from the cattle's milk or infant formulas. Many moms are not capable of producing the milk and hence, are helpless but there are many others who risk baby's health for their vanity and deprive their children of one of the most precious gifts of Nature. Moms who do not nurse their babies are at higher risk for breast cancers and other breast-related diseases. If milk production gets stopped naturally, then it is a different thing but if breasts produce milk and is not fed to the baby, then it creates a problem for the moms. Thus, one should not hesitate to feed the baby for first six to seven months to ensure better health for the mom and baby alike.

Baby from Bottle to Breast
Many mothers these days are turning back to breastfeeding for their babies, becoming more and more aware of its advantages over bottle-feeding. Most mothers that used to bottle-feed expressed breast milk to their baby are also opting for natural ways of breastfeeding, even though they find nursing more cumbersome and even hurtful, just for the sake of their child but they are often worried whether switching back to breast from bottle will be easy on their child or stress the baby out.

Breast Milk & Immunity System
It has been proved that the breast milk is best for the new born babies. It is not only nutritious for the baby, but also helps protect him/her from almost all the infections, by boosting his/her immunity level. It has been found that no other milk provides as much nutrition and safety for the child as breast milk. Each feeding mother delivers millions of living white blood cells to her baby, helping him/her fight off all kinds of diseases.

Breastfeeding - Myths & Facts
For the first six months of a baby's life, no other food is better for his/her growth and development, other than mother's milk. In fact, majority of the doctors today encourage new mothers to feed their baby with their own milk. So, there is no reason why a mother should hesitate in nursing her baby. Only if she is sick or breast milk is not being produced due to some problem, should the child be put on infant formulas. Breastfeeding ensures better health and growth in babies. All around the world, there are many misconceptions related to mother's milk.