Read about handling twins or multiples, strategies for surviving twins and motherhood survival tips for twins or multiples.

Handling Twins or Multiples

Most of us have worked through double shifts, chose to go for a double graduation, and wished life to shower double happiness that we actually deserve, had a double crush at a time and simply ate the double of our diet to win a bet. Yet, handling a double or multiple is not always that easy and joyous. If you are the parent of a twin or multiple you will certainly agree with me. Though as a parent of twin or multiple, you are certainly granted with a pack of bonus happiness but along with come the bonus responsibility. Here you do not even have the choice to lose a bet or drop a subject, you are meant to fulfill all the needs of two little angels god has blessed you with.

Twins or Multiples: Arrangements you need to do.
Baby Gear for Twins
While stocking up a nursery for twins, first things that come to people's minds are exactly same clothes for the babies. However, you hardly have time to see what you are actually dressing your kids in, when the time comes, while balancing and trying to hold both of them at the same time.

Babysitters For Twins
Parenting, in itself, is quite a daunting task. Handling twins or multiples is twice (or the number of children multiplied by) the stress. You will need all the support that you can get from your friends and family members. You need not be modest, if you want to remain sane and not break down from facing all the brunt single-handedly (or with both your hands always full for that matter).

Challenges of Multiples
Parenting is not so easy and natural as it seems, just because everybody does it. Handling twins is like juggling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We may have heard about people who had bought lots of outdoor baby gear and even went to family wilderness excursions with their twins, but if you could really know what they were going through

Feeding and Sleeping Twins
Choosing to breastfeed your newborn baby is a good decision. However, when it comes to twins or multiples, breastfeeding is not always easy. It might be difficult and frustrating many at times. However, this is something that not only you have to do, but would also love to do for your children.

Joys of Raising Twins
Parents are obviously the happiest persons when their baby is born. And when you hear the news of having twins, the joy gets doubled. But with happiness, there's a fear along as how would you manage multiples together. With twins you need double of everything, be it training, money or emotional support.

Mom of Multiples & Individuality
Becoming Mom of twins or multiples is really a blessing of god which is very rare. But new moms of twins and multiples often forget that these children have individuality or a personality of their own. First thing that everyone notices about the twins or multiples is how the babies look or act alike.