Here is information about child development and child safety, childhood accidents by age and preventing common childhood injuries.

Common Childhood Injuries

Childhood injuries often occur because parents and caretakers undermine what there are kids are capable of doing and not doing. Sudden milestone achievements such as rolling over for the first time also cause babies to fall. Child development and child safety are so closely linked together that you cannot ever expect the first one to occur and allow yourself to ignore the latter, even for a few moments. Developmental milestones in a child are also an indicator of increased risk of injuries for the child. It has been noticed that most children under 15 years of age that need to go to an emergency to get an injury treated are one to two year old. In this section, we will cover the most common childhood injuries and ways to prevent them:
Preventing Burns in Kids
Babies have thinner and softer skin and naturally, burns caused by hot liquids and vapor scald them more deeply and at lower temperature. Water with a temperature above 140� Fahrenheit can cause third-degree burns in a baby in just a few seconds. Infants who can crawl and toddlers like to experiment with things and can just twist open a hot tap water in the bathroom or the sink or may fall in a hot water bath tub while trying to touch it.

Choking in Kids
Toddlers would chew on small objects, right when they get their first tooth. The little ones cannot be resisted to do this forcibly, because at this stage of development, it is inherent in them to explore new things, by smelling, touching and tasting them. They are curious to put whatever they come across into their mouths and figure out the taste.

Prevent Drowning Accidents
Since the infants start to sit on their own, as early as when they are 6 to 8 months old, most of the parents and caretakers presume that the little ones could sit in the bathtub as well, without drowning. Contrary to this assumption, studies reveal that the cases of submersion injuries and drowning of infants in bath tubs are increasing day by day. Babies drowned even for a few minutes are often admitted to the hospitals.

Fatal Falls & Accidental Injury
The most common reason for deaths in infants between 1 month and 1 year of age is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Next to it is accidental injury due to falls from furniture, stairs or playground equipment and other places. Falls can cause serious injury and even turn fatal in young children less than four years old.

Poisoning in Children
Toddlers are quite active, curious and fearless explorers in their own right. At their tender age, they learn to use chairs and climb up to reach things that are kept supposedly out of their reach. The highly active toddlers would strive to open the bolted doors, drawers and closets. In the process, they might come across things that seem to attract them, but are hazardous for their health.