Here is a milestone chart for kids, milestones for kid up to two years old and development chart for kids less than 2 years old.

Milestone Chart for Kids (One and a Half Year to Two Years Old)

This milestone chart is for kids who are nineteen months to twenty-four months old. It enumerates skills that children normally do, are still learning and the ones that they might do though they are still advanced for their age, month by month, from nineteen months of age to the age of twenty four months or two years:

Age of the Child Common Skills Skills Still Learning Rare Skills
19 months old or just one and a half year old Learns to use a spoon and fork
Throws ball underhand
Speech becomes clearer and about half of it is understandable
Recognizes trouble or that something is wrong and may call for help
Can brush teeth with help and wash and dry hands too
Can understand the meaning of animal names such as cat or dog and point to its picture
May recognize and tell you when child needs to go toilet
20 months old Will pretend a doll to be a baby and feed it
Can take off own clothes with help
Can imitate actions just as throwing garbage
Vocabulary increases rapidly and learns 10 or more words a day
Can walk up stairs
Tries to find objects that are hidden
May be curious about his genitals
Draws straighter lines
Knows the name of many body parts and can say them
21 months old Can walk up stairs
Loves to help with household chores
Can follow simple goals such as keeping a toy in its place
Kicks the ball and can throw it overhand
Makes block towers
Can recognize the picture of cat or dog and say it
Can make tow-word sentences such as go park or want candy
Can walk down stairs
22 months old Can kick a ball forward
Follows two-step requests (get your doll and bring it here)
Imitates others' behavior
Can do simple puzzles
Can draw a straight line
Can identify several body parts
Can put on clothing
Might be ready for a big bed
Understands opposites (tall and short)
23 months old Stack up to 4 blocks to make a tower
Names simple pictures in a book
Learns and uses about 50 words
Uses two or three word sentences
Sings simple tunes
Loves to play with other kids
Walk down stairs
Expresses his likes and dislikes and talks about himself
Asks 'Why?' questions about almost everything
24 months old or two years old Can tell at least six body parts in a doll
About half of what he says is clear and understandable
Can make short sentences
Expresses his likes and dislikes and talks about himself
Can arrange and categorize things
Can walk down stairs
Learns and understands simple abstract words and concepts like sooner and later
Understands gender differences
Starts jumping