Here is a milestone chart for children, milestones for baby up to three years old and development chart for kids less than 3 years old.

Milestone Chart for Children (Two and a Half to Three Years Old)

This milestone chart is for kids who are thirty-one months to thirty-six months old. It enumerates skills that children normally do, are still learning and the ones that they might do though they are still advanced for their age, month by month, from thirty one months of age to the age of thirty six months or three years:

Age of the Child Common Skills Skills Still Learning Rare Skills
31 and 32 months old or just two and a half years old Can stack up to six blocks to make a tower
Knows at least six body parts by names
Throws ball overhand
Puts on a T-shirt on his own
Can keep balance on each foot for a moment or two
Learns to brush teeth on his own
Calls friend by names
Washes and dries hands on his own
Can use up to two adjectives in one sentence
33 and 34 months old Can name colors
Can carry on conversations using two to three sentences at once
Can name at least four pictures in a book
Builds tower of up to eight blocks
Starts using prepositions in sentences
Speech is clear
Toilet trained fully, at least during the day
Wiggles thumb
Express many emotions using body language and sounds
35 to 36 months old or three years old Learn to use at least two common objects well
Uses sentences with about four to five words.
Can describe everyday actions such as jumping and running
Can keep balance on each foot for about three seconds
Can follow more complex commands with tow or three instructions such as go to your room; switch off the lights and go to sleep.
Can stay without parents for sometime and do not cry and wail for them
Learns to hop, skip and jump.
Can draw a circle
Can dress up and down on his own