Here is a milestone chart for babies, milestones for baby up to six months old and development chart for babies less than 6 months old.

Milestone Chart for Babies (One to Six Months Old)

This milestone chart is for babies who are one to six months old. It enumerates skills that children normally do, are still learning and the ones that they might do though they are still advanced for their age, month by month, from immediately after their birth as a newborn up to the age of six months:

Age of the Child Common Skills Skills Still Learning Rare Skills
1 month old Lifts head
Responds to sound
Stares at faces
Follows moving objects by eyes
Make cooing sounds
Can see patterns in black and white and their contrasts
Holds head at 45 degree angle
2 months old Make gurgling and cooing sounds
Follows moving objects by eyes
Holds head up for short periods
Holds head at 45 degree angle
Smoother movements
Keeps head steady
Bears weight on legs
May lift head and shoulder in a pushup-like position
3 months old Laughs
Keeps head steady
Recognizes mom's face and can know her by her scent
Squeals and make gurgling and cooing sounds
Recognizes mom's voice
Do mini-pushups
Listens and turns toward loud sounds
Can bring hands together
May try to bat at toys
Rolls over
4 months old Keeps head up and steady
Can bear weight on legs
Make cooing sounds in response to your talk
Can grasp a toy
Reaches out to touch or grab objects
Rolls over
Imitates sounds and speech made by you such as baba, mama
First tooth may show up
May be ready for solids
5 months old Understands differences in bold colors
Rolls over
Plays with own hands and feet
Recognizes and turns to look at the source of new sounds
Recognizes own name
May sit without support for a moment or two
Puts objects in mouth
Stranger anxiety may begin
6 months old Turns to look at the source of sounds and voices
Imitates sounds
Blows bubbles
Rolls in both directions
Reaches for objects and puts them in mouth
Sits without support
Ready for solids
May start crawling or lunge forward
May jabber trying to combine syllables
May try to drag objects toward himself