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The personality traits of a Taurus child/baby have been mentioned here. Read on to explore characteristics profile of Taurean children.

Taurus Child

First things first! A Taurus child does what he likes to do and pushing him against his will gets you nowhere. Every time you try to make him do something he doesn't want to, he will adopt the same stance a bull has when it doesn't wants to move. Push him a little and you hear that loud grunting noise that further marks his displeasure. Apart from his stubborn attitude, a Taurean baby mostly has totally delightful personality traits. He always looks so chubby and so adorable and wants lots of affection. The more you hug him, the happier he will be.

In return, he will also give you lots of hugs and kisses. Infact, he is very affectionate as well as demonstrative in case of people he trusts. A Taurean boy is always his mum's favorite and a Taurean girl is always her daddy's dearest. The boy will be totally masculine, while the girl will be totally feminine. Some of the Taurus girls may turn out to be tomboys. However, they will still have all the charms of a female to call upon whenever they want. A Taurus child often comes across as more capable and proficient than the other children.

He is also much more emotionally secure than them, without showing even the slightest traces of impulsiveness. He may become a little hesitant and negative at times, but will be free from most of the usual growing up tantrums. A Taurus baby is quite calm, cheerful and will maintain his composure till he is pushed to the limits against his will. There is nothing unpredictable about his behavior. Infact, he is more mature than almost all the other children. He enjoys company, but will become uncomfortable if he is made the center of attention.

Vices like rudeness, attitude and insolence do not match with his characteristics profile. However, don't force anything on a Taurus child. He hates being bullied into something. Shouting or yelling will get you nowhere. Just show some genuine love and affection and he will easily follow what he was vigorously denying only few minutes back. Taurus children respond to common sense and logic. They want the straightforward and exact truth. Only practical and reasonable explanations can move them.

Soothing colors and sounds always have a positive effect on a Taurean child. He is also likely to be interested in creative arts - like painting. He will be very sincere in his studies, good at memorizing, have excellent concentration powers and be extremely hard working. He does not have a rebellious nature and will dutifully adhere to whatever you say, as long as your tone is sweet not scathing. A Taurus baby may take a little more time to learn the facts, but has a very sharp memory and will remember the details throughout his life.

If you have a May-born child, accept the fact that you cannot order him. It is the best to soften his heart by love. Pushing him will make him dig his heels in the ground and you will get nothing done. Both Taurus boys and Taurus girls are very dedicated to their loved ones and will go to any extent to help them. All they need is a cozy, comfortable home, where they are nurtured with love and care. Surround them with positive people and positive environment and they will help you in being contented and at peace with yourself one day!