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Given here is the relationship compatibility of the Taurus zodiac sign with Cancer. Read about Cancer-Taurus love match.

Taurus Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs have many similar personality traits, which can great enhance the compatibility in their relationship. Both of them are sensitive individuals, who enjoy simple things in life and love to spend some cozy moments with each other in a calm and composed ambiance. The friendly nature, caring attitude and compassion of the Bull and the Crab coincide with each other. None of them prefers to run in the race of life, rather they want their own cozy nest where they can escape from the hubbub of others.

The practicality and gentleness of the Bull will be appreciated by the Crab and Taurus will deeply respect the latter's attachment to his family. Cancer will feel secure with the Bull and he, in turn, will bask in the care and concern that the Crab wills shower upon him. Apart from some minor differences, this love match will bring out the best in both the signs. The possessiveness Taurean will find the perfect mate in the Crab who always wants to be looked after and protected. Neither of them will venture anywhere alone, lest he loses the other.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman
Taurus man and Cancer woman are one those few people who were meant to be together. Her imagination will always interest him and he, in turn, will find newer ways of romancing her. Both the individuals are very emotional and will fulfill each other's needs in this aspect. He wants a warm, cuddly home and she will always be willing to provide him that. On the other hand, his protective attitude will always give her the security she most desperately needs. The Bull is as devoted as the Crab and except for a few hiccups, the sailing will be smooth.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man
The relationship between a Taurus woman and a Cancer man will, more often than not, lead to lasting love. Her tenderness, softness and compassion will keep his mood swings away for a long time. He will appreciate the comfort and warmth she provides and will repay this with his loyalty. There will be no dearth of romance between the two and they will always stand by each other. Simplicity is the keyword for both the signs and they love to be around family members and a few close friends. In brief, one of the few excellent matches!