The zodiac sign of Taurus shared good relationship compatibility with Scorpio. Explore the love in Scorpio Taurus zodiac match.

Taurus Scorpio Compatibility

There are absolute chances of a strong magnetic attraction between the two zodiac signs of Taurus and Scorpio. At the intellectual level, however, both the individuals are less likely to find a common platform. In case they do, then you can be sure this will be one of the best love matches of the zodiac, in terms of compatibility. The Bull as well as the Scorpio is very possessive and the latter is, infact, is more prone to jealousy. Scorpio will demand much more emotional attachment and intimacy than the Bull and this may lead to some problems.

Another common trait that may lead to tussles is their stubbornness and both need to compromise once in a while. Since Taurus and Scorpio find it difficult to express themselves fully, their vent up emotions may come out in the form of frustration. They need to learn how to open up, atleast, in front of each other. Though there may be suspicion on both the sides, there will never be any real problem. This is because both of them are extremely devoted as well as loyal. As long as they manage to give each other space, this relationship can definitely work.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman
Taurus man and Scorpio woman need to work real hard to make this love match turn into a long-lasting relationship. Since they have many similar negative traits, the long-term compatibility is still open to question. He is as stubborn as she is and this will make it difficult for either of the two to see the other person's viewpoint. Innocent flirtation, or even casual glances at a member of the opposite sex, is likely to ignite fireworks as both are extremely possessive and jealous. Power struggle may further weaken this relationship.

Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man
If a Taurus woman is thinking of getting involved with a Scorpio man, she better ready herself to bend down a little at regular intervals. Strong headedness on part of both the partners will not take this relationship anywhere. Then, his habit of keeping certain things and feelings to himself is likely to make her suspicion meter running. On top of that, he will never ever bother to tell her about the same, even after knowing the consequences. If this match is to work, both of them will have to learn to respect each other and agree to disagree.