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Teen Pregnancy

Rising number of teenage pregnancy is often quoted as an example, to prove that our society is going downhill. Young pregnant teens can be seen passing their time at food joints and hanging out with their friends, while being casual about their unplanned pregnancy. This may be essentially, because they are unaware of the huge responsibility that is on their way to get to them, where they will have to care for a child on their own. The world seems to go topsy-turvy, as mothers are yet kids and kids have become mothers. The irony of the situation is that while people blame younger generation for being so irresponsible, little attention is paid to the generation, who is parenting these teenagers and what they are doing to ensure their child's safety and a secure future for her.

Parenting Indifference & Teen Pregnancies
It seems like the world is running after money. Today, both the parents are working hard to earn more bucks - the result - while their house is being filled with precious items, their most precious gift of God, is on the road to self destruction. While they are trying to fulfill their dreams and afford their children's dreams as well, parents often forget to ask their kid what he/she actually needs. While parents lose interest in parenting their children and the child misses out on love and affection, the two most needed things in a child's life. With no love and affection received from parents, the child goes wayward. It is, then, that your little angel tries to find someone of her own age and develops an emotional bond with the person.

Immature and juvenile, these emotional bonds influence young teens' physical and sexual being, resulting in pregnancy. Teen pregnancies do not only mean that birth control had not been used properly, but might also be a glaring example of promiscuous behavior by the parents and the ever growing parental indifference. On other occasions, too much of restriction and constraints can also make the child go wayward. Peer pressure and bad company are also some of the examples which can make your teenager chose a wrong way. In such a condition, though the kid is a primary defaulter, parents are also at wrong, because it is their duty, to keep a check on the kind of people and friends their kid meets.

Stopping Teen Pregnancy