Know about dating teens, tips for parents of teenagers who date and parental authority and dating issues.

Dating Teens

When kids ask for the permission for dating for the first time and many times after that, it is an emotional challenge for parents. They are worried sick for the safety of their child going out alone with a friend, concerned about the changing times and what kids might do in their absence, shocked and awed at how swiftly their kids are growing, wonder whether this is the right age for them to start going on dating and still try to walk the rope of parenting a teenager while maintaining the balance between parental authority and let the child go and give him or her the freedom to live his or her own life.

Some parents have set ideas about dating teens and they think that their child will only be eligible for ‘going out’ when they are 15 or 16 but some others insist that the decision of letting teenagers going out on a date really depends on child’s maturity, which parents can assess easily by listening to them properly. If you feel too comfortable about a young teen venturing out on a date, perhaps it is not yet time to permit them to do so. Here are few hints that will help you to handle dating teens:
  • When your child asks you whether he or she can go out or go on a date, you can ask your kid to explain what are their plans for the evening. You might not be comfortable with a teen couple going on a long drive alone in the evening but you may not mind giving them the permission to let them go to movies or for bowling with a group of friends, who are all paired up.
  • Though your teen may not like it but you can insist on knowing more about their dates or inquire about them in a friendly manner, such as:
  • The name of the person,
  • Age of their date,
  • Where they met for the first time,
  • Where they are going,
  • Is it a public or a lonely place, and
  • What have they planned for the evening?
  • It is important to discuss issues such as sex, unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in detail before your teenager starts dating. If they resist, just do not allow them to go on the date.
  • Whether it is a son or a daughter, you have to make sure and may need to tell your child that having sex with date is not ‘necessary’ and it’s okay to say ‘no’. Tell them that dating does not mean that they have to accept any kind of intimacy, including kissing and hugging, that they are not comfortable with.
  • Communicate freely and honestly with your son or daughter and keep the lines of communication open so that you can guide your teen anytime they want your help.