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Early Adolescents

The most difficult phase of life is early adolescence. It is a phase when the kid is not yet mature but he is no longer a kid. Peers insist that they have grown enough to be self independent while parents still not provide ample freedom. This is the time when even studies are getting more difficult and physical changes are a constant source of irritation. There is a lot of confusion, hesitation and a search of the real identity. Life seems vague and Omni-directed.

Adolescence is the time when all of a sudden world starts looking different. All of a sudden the fear of losing out in the rat race of life takes a toll on other important aspects of life. The sheer innocence of friendship is lost. Several new kinds of fantasies beyond the fun fantasy of Tom and Jerry start taking a toll on mind. This is the time when a kid needs perfect parenting. This is the turn in their life which decides their future and entire course of life. So, as a parent you must know how to treat your kid at this stage of his life. Read more.

Adolescence: Know How Your Kid Feels
How can you act as parent?