Nestle India manufactures a variety of food products. Here is a brief profile and history of Nestle India Limited.

Nestle India

Nestle India is a subsidiary of Nestle S.A. of Switzerland. Nestle India manufactures a variety of food products such as infant food, milk products, beverages, prepared dishes & cooking aids, and chocolates & confectionary. Some of the famous brands of Nestle are NESCAFE, MAGGI, MILKYBAR, MILO, KIT KAT, BAR-ONE, MILKMAID, NESTEA, NESTLE Milk, NESTLE SLIM Milk, NESTLE Fresh 'n' Natural Dahi and NESTLE Jeera Raita.

Nestle was founded in 1867 in Geneva, Switzerland by Henri Nestle. Nestle's first product was "Farine Lactee Nestle", an infant cereal. In 1905, Nestle acquired the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. Nestle's relationship with India started 1912, when it began trading as The Nestle Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (Export) Limited, importing and selling finished products in the Indian market.

After independence, in response to the then economic policies, which emphasized local production, Nestle formed a company in India, namely Nestle India Ltd, and set up its first factory in 1961 at Moga, Punjab, where the Government wanted Nestle to develop the milk economy. In Moga, Nestle educated and advised farmers regarding basic farming and animal husbandry practices such as increasing the milk yield of the cows through improved dairy farming methods, irrigation, scientific crop management practices etc. Nestle set up milk collection centres that ensured prompt collection and paid fair prices. Thus, Nestle transformed Moga into a prosperous and vibrant milk district.

In 1967, Nestle set up its next factory at Choladi (Tamil Nadu) as a pilot plant to process the tea grown in the area into soluble tea. Nestle opened its third factor in Nanjangud (Karnataka) in 1989. Thereafter, Nestle India opened factories in Samalkha (Haryana), in 1993 and two in Goa at Ponda, and Bicholim in 1995 and 1997 respectively. Nestle India is now putting up the 7th factory at Pant Nagar in Uttarakhand.

Today, Nestle is the world's largest and most diversified food company. It has around 2,50,000 employees worldwide, operated 500 factories in approximately 100 countries and offers over 8,000 products to millions of consumers universally.

Note: The above information was last updated on 21-07-2007