Indian entertainment industry is making waves on the global stage. Here is a brief profile of Entertainment Industry in India

Entertainment Industry in India

Entertainment Industry in India comprises of Film Industry and Television Industry. The Indian entertainment industry is among the fastest growing sectors in the country. In the past two decades entertainment industry in India has witnessed explosive growth. In television alone, from a single state owned television network, Doordarshan in 1991, today there are over 300 national, regional and local channels being beamed across the country. Indian film industry is the largest film industry in the world, producing on an average, close to a thousand films a year in all languages. In terms of film production India exceeds Hollywood's production volume by over three times. Some of the fastest growing segments in the Indian entertainment industry include music, cable and satellite television, animation and FM.

According to an estimate by FICCI and Ernst and Young Indian entertainment industry would worth more than Rs. 400,000 million in 2008. Several positive developments like the accordance of the 'industry' status to the film industry, satellite channel penetration, the retail boom in the channels for music sales (Music World & Planet M), the use of digital technology in all spheres of entertainment and the growth of multiplexes have contributed to the growth of this sector.

Entertainment industry in India is presently in a consolidation phase as boundary lines between films, music and television are fast disappearing. Skills and resources are being pooled extensively. Besides adaptation to high-end digital technology, the entertainment industry is also witnessing rapid development of state-of-the-art studios and post production facilities.

In terms of employment, an estimated 6 million people earn their livelihood from the entertainment industry and this number is all set to grow. Entertainment industry in India is projected to be one of the major economic driving forces of the country. In India, television is the major segment of entertainment industry. Presently, India has the third largest television market in the world behind only china and the USA. Today, television reaches about hundred million Indian households. India has the world's biggest movie industry in terms of the number of movies produced. Presently, the technology of film-making in India is perhaps the best among all developing countries. Indian film industry is now increasingly getting professional and a lot of production houses such as Yash Raj Productions, Dharma Productions, Mukta Arts etc. are now working on corporate lines.

The popularity of Indian entertainment industry goes well beyond the geographical frontiers of the country. Indian television channels and films are viewed and enjoyed across the entire South Asia. Across the Middle East, parts of South East Asia and Africa, large expatriate populations ensure that Indian TV channels and films are a regular part of their entertainment bouquet. In UK and North America (USA and Canada), Indian TV channels and films are increasingly finding a foothold beyond the expatriate pockets as the audience there has started to enjoy and identify with the contemporary Indian culture. Quite a few of Indian filmstars are also getting good offers from Hollywood.

The future prospects of Indian entertainment industry look to be extremely good. As India's profile rises on the global stage outside interest in India's culture and entertainment industry is also bound to grow.

Note: The above information was last updated on 21-07-2007