Dabur India Limited is one of India's leading FMCG company. Here is a brief profile and history of Dabur India.

Dabur India Limited

Dabur India Limited is India's leading FMCG company with interests in health care, personal care and foods. Dabur has a history of more than 100 years and the company has carved a niche for it self in the field of Ayurvedic medicines. The products of Dabur are marketed in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company has 2 major strategic business units (SBU) - Consumer Care Division (CCD) & Consumer Health Division (CHD), and 3 Subsidiary Group companies - Dabur Foods, Dabur Nepal and Dabur International. Dabur International has 3 step down subsidiaries - Asian Consumer Care in Bangladesh, African Consumer Care in Nigeria and Dabur Egypt.

The origin of Dabur can be traced back to 1884 when Dr. S.K. Burman started a health care products manufacturing facility in a small Calcutta pharmacy. In 1896, as a result of growing popularity of Dabur products, Dr. Burman set up a manufacturing plant for mass production of formulations. In early 1900s, Dabur entered the specialized area of nature based Ayurvedic medicines. In 1919, Dabur established research laboratories to develop scientific processes and quality checks. In 1936, Dabur became a full-fledged company with the name Dabur India (Dr. S.K. Burman) Pvt Ltd. Dabur shifted its operations to Delhi in 1972. Dabur became a Public Limited Company in 1986 and Dabur India Limited came into existence after reverse merger with Vidogum Limited. In 1992, Dabur entered into a joint venture with Agrolimen of Spain to manufacture and market confectionary items in India. In 1994, Dabur raised its first IPO. In 1998, day to day running of the company was handed over to professionals. In 2000, Dabur achieved a turnover of Rs 1000 crores. In 2005, Dabur acquired Balsara. Dabur crossed $ 2 billion market cap in 2006.

Some of the well-known brands of Dabur are: Amla Chyawanprash, Hajmola, Lal Dantmanjan, Nature Care, Pudin Hara, Babool Toothpaste, Hingoli, Dabur Honey, Lemoneez, Meswak, Odonil, Real, RealActiv and Vatika.

Note: The above information was last updated on 21-07-2007