Mahindra is one of the leading business groups of India. Here is a brief profile and history of Mahindra & Mahindra.

Mahindra Group

Mahindra Group is one of the largest corporate groups of India. It is a US $4.5 billion conglomerate with employee strength of over 40,000. The group has diverse business interests such as automotive, farm equipments, infrastructure, information technology, hospitality, and financial services. Mahindra Group has global presence and it is ranked amongst Forbes Top 200 list of the World's Most Reputable Companies and in the Top 10 list of Most Reputable Indian companies.

The origins of Mahindra Group can be traced back to October 2, 1945 when Mahindra brothers J.C. Mahindra & K.C. Mahindra joined hands with Ghulam Mohammad, and Mahindra & Mohammad was set up as a franchise for assembling jeeps from Willys, USA. After India's independence in 1947, Mahindra & Mohammad changed its name to Mahindra & Mahindra. Ghulam Mohammad migrated to Pakistan post-partition and became the first Finance Minister of Pakistan. Since then, Mahindra Group has gone from strength to strength and today it has evolved into a giant group.

Business Interests of Mahindra Group

Automotive Sector: Mahindra Group is the market leader in utility vehicles in India since inception. Mahindra also manufactures and markets utility vehicles and light commercial vehicles, including three-wheelers. Some of the famous automobile brands of Mahindra are: Scorpio and Bolero. Recently, Mahindra joined hands with French automobile major Renault to enter passenger car segment. It has launched a car called Mahindra Renault Logan.

Farm Equipment Sector: Mahindra is the largest producer of tractors in India and is among the top five tractor brands in the world. It has its own state-of-the-art plants in India, USA, China and Australia, and a capacity to produce 1,50,000 tractors a year.

Trade & Financial Services: Mahindra Intertrade Limited and its subsidiaries have specialized domain knowledge in imports and exports of commodities, domestic trading, marketing and distribution services. Mahindra Finance is one of the largest Non Banking Finance Companies in India with an asset base of about Rs. 5000 crores. Mahindra Insurance Brokers offer Life and Non-life Insurance plans to retail and corporate customers. Mahindra Steel Service Centre is the first steel service centre in the organised sector in India.

Infrastructure Development: Mahindra Group has interests in real estate, special economic zones, hospitality industry, infrastructure development, project engineering consultancy and design. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts is the leader in the lifetime holiday market in India. Mahindra Gesco is fastest growing Construction Company in India. Mahindra World City is developing and promoting India's first Integrated Business City. Mahindra Acres Consulting Engineers is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy organization.

Information Technology: Mahindra Group entered into IT sector in 1986 when it formed a joint venture with British Telecommunications plc. The company was called Mahindra-British Telecom. The Company has recently changed its name to Tech Mahindra. Tech Mahindra is a leading provider of telecommunication solution and service industry world-wide. It is India's 8th largest software exporter.

Speciality Businesses: Mahindra Group companies such as Mahindra AshTech, Mahindra Defence, Spares Business Unit and Mahindra Logistics are into Speciality Businesses. Mahindra AshTech undertakes turnkey contract execution for Ash Slurry System and Travelling Water Screens. Mahindra Defence Systems looks after the requirements of India's defence and security forces. Mahindra Logistics provide complete logistics solutions to complex transportation needs of clients across the world.

Major Achievements of Mahindra Group
Note: The above information was last updated on 21-07-2007