GAIL (India) Ltd is one of India's leading PSUs. Here is a brief profile and history of Gas Authority of India Ltd

GAIL India

GAIL (India) Ltd. is India's principal gas transmission and marketing company. GAIL is involved in all aspects of the Natural Gas value chain, which include: Exploration & Production, Processing, Transmission, Distribution and Marketing, and its related services. In a scenario where society is increasingly concerned about the impact of development on environment and Natural gas is one of most clean fuels available, GAIL has a critical role to play. GAIL is currently spearheading the move to a new era of clean fuel industrialization by creating a quadrilateral of green energy corridors that connect major consumption centres in India with major gas fields, LNG terminals and other cross border gas sourcing points.

GAIL (India) Ltd. was previously known as Gas Authority of India Ltd. It was set up by the Government of India in August 1984 to create gas sector infrastructure for sustained development of the natural gas sector in the country. During its short lifespan GAIL has achieved several major milestones.

Major Milestones of GAIL
GAIL's Business Portfolio includes:
Today, besides gas infrastructure GAIL has also diversified into Petrochemicals, Telecom and Liquid Hydrocarbons.

Major Achievements of GAIL
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