Dr. Reddy's Laboratory is a leading pharmaceutical company of India. Here is a brief profile and history of Dr. Reddy's Lab

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is India's leading pharmaceutical company with presence in over 100 countries. Dr Reddy's manufactures a range of products such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Generic & Branded Finished Dosages, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, and Biopharmaceuticals.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories was founded in 1984 by Dr Anji Reddy. In 1986, Dr. Reddy's went public and entered international markets with exports of Methyldopa. In 1987, Dr. Reddy's obtained its first USFDA approval for Ibuprofen API and started its formulations operations. In 1988, Dr. Reddy's acquired Benzex Laboratories Pvt. Limited to expand its Bulk Actives business. In 1990, Dr. Reddy's, entered a new territory when it, for the first time in India, exported Norfloxacin and Ciprofloxacin to Europe and Far East. In 1993, Dr. Reddy's Research Foundation was established and the company started its drug discovery programme. In 1994, Dr. Reddy launched a GDR issue of US$ 48 million. In 1995, the company set up a joint venture in Russia. In 1997, Dr. Reddy's became the first Indian pharmaceutical company to out-license an original molecule when it licensed anti-diabetic molecule, DRF 2593 (Balaglitazone), to Novo Nordisk. In 1998, Dr. Reddy's licensed anti-diabetic molecule, DRF 2725 (Ragaglitazar), to Novo Nordisk. In 1999, the company acquired American Remedies Limited, a pharmaceutical company based in India. In the year 2000, became the first Asia Pacific pharmaceutical company, outside Japan, to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2001, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories became India's third largest pharmaceutical company with the merger of Cheminor Drugs Limited, a group company. In 2002, Dr. Reddy's made its first overseas acquisition - BMS Laboratories Limited and Meridian Healthcare in UK. In 2003, Dr. Reddy's launched Ibuprofen, first generic product to be marketed under the "Dr. Reddy's" label in the US. In 2006, Dr. Reddy's achieved a revenue of US$ 1 Billion. In the same year, Dr. Reddy's acquired Betapharm- the fourth-largest generics company in Germany. Today, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is leading pharmaceutical company in India in terms of turnover and profitability.

Products of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API): Dr. Reddy's Laboratories product list span 24 major chemistries including stereo-selective synthesis, cryogenics, hydrogenations and cyanations. It has filed 84 US DMFs, the highest in India and second highest in the world.

Custom Pharmaceutical Services: Dr. Reddy's executes cost-effective and time-bound projects for its customers, and provides them cGMP-compliant products manufactured in FDA-inspected, ISO-certified facilities.

Generic Dosages: Dr. Reddy's Lab is a leading generic drugs manufacturer. It is the fourth largest player in Germany after the acquisition of betapharm. The company has expertise in customer-specific packaging, compliance packaging, anti-counterfeit packaging, and has won several awards globally for its packaging efforts, including the Asia Star, AmeriStar and WorldStar awards.

Branded Dosages: Dr. Reddy's brands such as Omez (Omeprazole), Nise (Nimesulide), Stamlo (Amlodipine), Ciprolet (Ciprofloxacin), Enam (Enalapril) and Ketorol (Ketorolac) are leaders in their category in several countries.

Discovery Research: Dr. Reddy's is actively involved in drug-discovery and clinical development programs.

Specialty Pharmaceuticals: In the field of speciality pharmaceuticals, Dr. Reddy's deals in deals acquired proprietary technologies, internally developed proprietary drug-delivery platforms, and current internal compounds under pre-clinical and clinical development.

Biopharmaceuticals: Grafeel (Filgrastim) was the first biologics product by Dr. Reddy's to enter the market. The company's second product Reditux (Rituximab) is the first biosimilar monoclonal antibody to be developed and launched anywhere in the world.

Major Achievements of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories:
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