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Read about Kinetic Zoom ZX scooter review. Kinetic ZX Zoom scooter is a top-end scooter in India

Kinetic Zoom ZX

Kinetic Zoom ZX
Kinetic Zoom ZX takes forward the legacy of the original Kinetic scooter that revolutionized the gearless scooter market. It is essentially a city vehicle which is quite useful for going to college, friends or nearby market. Though it is aimed on female buyers, it is useful for people of all age groups just because of its sheer attributes.

Looks and Styling
Multi reflector headlamp adds to the stylish futuristic look. It is a sporty vehicle which does not need much effort to drive. It has a little cute windshield above its handle and stepney at back, which adds style to it, and, at the same time, is useful if the tyre gets puncture and develops any other malfunction. It is available in several body colors. Efforts have been done to maintain a balance in styling and comfort.

Control and Comfort
The two-wheeler has highly responsive engine and variomatic drive of the Zoom ensures smooth acceleration through the speed range. New tyres ensure better road grip for Zoom ZX. Its centrally mounted engine maintains the proper balance and stability of the scooter. Thanks to single button quick auto start, one need not get hassled kicking the start pad again and again. Auto gears make the scooter move in a smooth way. Being gearless, it moves effortlessly even in heavy traffic. The attributes of button start, gearless function and lightweight makes it very comfortable to handle. Wider and soft seats mean that a passenger can sit with comfort.

Zoom ZX has a two-stroke, air-cooled 110cc engine that develops a peak power of 7.2 bhp at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.4 Nm at 4500 rpm. The scooter returns an outstanding mileage of 50 kmpl thanks to the use of optimum engine tuning and lean burn technology. The vehicle has top speed range of 73 kmph.

No. of Cylinders
Displacement (cc)
Compression Ratio
A. Max. Engine output (kw)
B. Max. Engine output (hp)
Max. Torque (nm)
Air Cleaner
Oil Sump Capacity
Weight of Engine (kg.)
Wheel Base ( mm )
Overall Width (mm)
Overall Length (mm)
Max. Gvw (kg.)
Min. Ground Clearance
Seat Height (mm)
Air cooled , 2 stroke engine
51.7 mm
52.4 mm
110 cc
5.3 KW @ 5500 rpm
7.2 bhp @ 5500 rpm
9.4 @ 4500 rpm
Oiled polyurethane foam
1.2 lubricating oil tank
3.5" X 10 - 4 PR
3.5" X 10 - 4 PR