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Bike Modification India

Bike Modification India
Buying power of the Indians has increased manifold in the last decade or two, pushing bike manufacturers to launch new products as unprecedented pace. Bike enthusiasts, who have enough currency in their pockets, go for their fancied products, while those who have enough time and patience, but not money, try to get their bikes modified to make them look or perform like models of their choice.

Imitation of Super-bikes
As a matter of fact, most modified bikes are imitations of super-bikes. It is the psyche of every young to draw attention of the people, while riding super-bikes. However, with their price spanning several lakhs, it is not possible for every young to buy them. So they go for another option. They get a cheaper bike modified into a super-bike. Influences from entertainment industry and motor sports also play a role in fuelling the modifying tendency.

Types of Modifications
Bikes could be modified in two ways: Performance wise or Looks wise. You could go for the both too. Looks modification could give you the satisfaction of riding a super bike. However, performance modification in no way guarantees that your bike would not perform like the bike of your dreams.

Modification Kits
Today, modification kits are available for each and every part of bikes. You can get body parts altered or replaced with new moulded ones. If you are creative enough, you could think out your own design and ask companies to execute your ideas on your bike. Most body works are done using fiberglass reinforced plastic which offers one the quality of parts, perfect finish and a glazing surface. Looks-oriented modification kits include clip on handlebars, stylish graphics and stickers, mag-alloy wheels, rear view mirrors, tuned exhaust silencer, specially designed seats etc. You could also get fitted modified mudguards or petrol tanks on your bikes.

Most bike enthusiasts go for common modifications like removing the saree guard, rear view mirrors, changing the handle bar, increasing the size of the rear tyre, using alloy wheels and changing shock absorbers etc. Some go for an entire body alteration while retaining the engine. Some get the sound modified. A diffuser gives the base sound of a Harley Davidson while chambers endow the effect of dirt bikes and race bikes. An exhaust gives the effect of a powerful bike.

Who to Approach
We would advise you to approach any experienced bike modifier rather than a simple mechanic. It is a job to be done by specialists. So you better leave it to a specialist. Do proper consideration before deciding on a modifier.

Effects of Modifications
You must keep in mind that modification does not change a cheaper bike to super bike. It just fakes the physical appearance. So even if you get a bike resemble a highly superior bike, you must be aware of the limitations of the basic model. Performance modifications do increase the efficiency of the bike, to a limited extent. Body modification usually decreases mileage and performance, for the basic engine is not toned to those accoutrements.

Word of Caution
Whenever you go for getting your machine remodeled, its market value decreases. Bike manufacturers too give the warning that even minute alterations on the bike affect its performance.

Bike Modifiers in Delhi
Here is a list of bike modifiers in Delhi. However, you should keep in mind that the list is neither complete nor recommended by us. It is a random list just to help you if that is what you are searching for.