Hero Honda Motors Limited is the World's single largest two-wheeler motorcycle company

Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

Founded in: January 19, 1984 in Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Founder: Brijmohan Lal Munjal
Products: Motorcycles, Scooters
Website: www.Herohonda.com

Hero Honda Motors Ltd. came into existence in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles and Honda Motor Company of Japan. Since then, over a span of two decades, Hero Honda Motors Limited has metamorphosed into one of the world's largest motorcycle companies.

Since its inception, Hero Honda has sold over 15 million motorcycles and has maintained a phenomenal growth rate over the years. The company carved a niche in the competitive Indian market for churning out motorcycles with high fuel efficiency and low maintenance.

What helped this JV achieve such great success is the optimal combination of Hero Group's deep domain knowledge of the Indian market and its supplier network with Honda's expertise over four-stroke engine technology to produce efficient bikes. The venerable Splendor motorcycle from the Hero Honda stable went on to become a cult machine for its low-maintenance costs and fuel efficiency and was once the largest selling motorcycle in the world.

Starting in 80s, Hero Honda introduced new generation motorcycles that set industry benchmarks for high fuel efficiency and low emission. Banking on its 'Fill it - Shut it - Forget it' campaign, Hero Honda has sold millions of bikes purely on the commitment of high mileage.

The sales and service network of Hero Honda now spans over 3000 points. The service network comprises of a mix of dealerships, service and spare points, spare parts stockists and authorized representatives of dealers located across different parts.

In line with its ambitious expansion plans, Hero Honda has built world-class manufacturing facilities at Dharuhera, Gurgaon and Haridwar (Uttarakhand) that now churn out over 3 million bikes every year. Though competition in the Indian two wheeler market has intensified over the years yet Hero Honda has managed to keep its sales chart moving northwards.

Hero Honda Achiever
When Hero Honda decided to manufacturer Achiever, it picked cues in quantity from its Ambition and Unicorn models. Achiever bears a striking resemblance to the Ambition model when it comes to overall appearance.

Hero Honda CD Dawn
CD Dawn is a value-for-money bike, good for people who need a bike to get to office daily and return home. The bike is available in unique suspension, which smoothens and absorbs the bumps on uneven roads and provides riding comfort.

Hero Honda CD Deluxe
Keeping in line with the market trend of launching upgraded versions of entry-level 100cc bikes, Hero Honda came up with CD Deluxe. A polished version of CD Dawn, it resembles the CD-Dawn in every respect barring the frontal appearance and the snazzy new decals on the bike's body panels.

Hero Honda Glamour
Equipped with all market friendly features, it is the bike for every kind of customers and with different choices. Super Splendor and Glamour are the same bike with different looks. The bike performs well and shows excellent road behavior.

Hero Honda Glamour-Fi
The Hero Honda Glamour-Fi is a pathbreaker in Indian two-wheeler industry for its fuel-injection technology. This technology offers superior and consistent engine performance with improved drivability, lower emissions, better fuel economy and extended engine life.

Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma is a sporty bike with updated technological inputs which makes it favorite among bike enthusiasts. This top-end bike from the Hero Honda stable targets the niche section of customers who prefer performance to economy.

Hero Honda Passion Plus
Hero Honda upgraded their Passion model to introduce it as Passion Plus. The refurbished version has a wider pillion grip, body colored mirrors, two tone colors, and white dial instrument cluster. Passion Plus is similar to other 100cc bikes of Hero Honda.

Hero Honda Pleasure
Pleasure is an effort by Hero Honda to gain a foothold in scooter market. And it is encouraging. Presented with a catchy punchline of Priyanka Chopra, �why should boys have all the fun" the Hero Honda Pleasure scooterette has been unveiled targeting the young lady riders.

Hero Honda Super Splendor
Hero Honda Super Splendor is among the most popular bikes in the world. A range of useful features make it a favorite of average commuter. An executive segment motorcycle, it has been produced keeping the office-goers in mind.