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A complete characteristics profile of Leo man/men has been given here. Read on to know the personality traits of a Leo male/guy.

Leo Man

While dealing with a Leo man, be sure of one thing - you will never find him alone. He will always be amongst a group of people and, more often than not, he will be the center of attention. He is not the one to waste his charm in empty air; there will always be an audience admiring him. This is the key to a lion's heart - attention, appreciation and flattery. If you want to get close to a Leo male, become his audience. In case you have fallen in for the quiet, gentle lion, don't be fooled. Behind all this calm is the fire of an August-born.

Try dominating him even a slightest bit and you will see the fireworks. His personality traits include generous doses of chivalry, courtesy, gallantry, care and warmth. You will not require too many preparations to make a Leo guy fall in love with you. Candlelight dinner, moonlit night, sensual music and lots of romance - that's it! He will instantly fall in love with you. Infact, romance is something without which no Leo can survive for too long. He needs the constant love and attention given by a lover.

Leo men will be extremely generous while courting. You will be showered with roses, given gifts every now and then, taken to the best restaurants and be loaded with love letters, sprayed with sensual perfume. You will think that you have fallen in love with the most amiable person in the world. Now, comes the real part! Once you have entered his den, you will have to be his forever. A Leo man is extremely possessive of his loved ones and as far as you are concerned, you belong to him and him only.

He can get very jealous, very easily! Even a playful look at another man will send his jealousy meter to the topmost point. When pushed too far, he will send that man thrashing to the floor, if not the hospital. If you said you would be gone for two hours, be back in one hour and fifty-nine minutes. When a Leo male becomes unreasonable, it is advisable to pamper him and get your work done. His vanity may at times come in the way, but then, you will have to subdue it with love, care and your own stability.

Most of the Leo men do not want their wives to work after marriage. It is because they want to be the primary interest in the life of their partners and cannot stand anything else taking that place, even if it her job/work. A Leo guy will always pamper you with the best things in life and he will expect you to turn out looking stunning beautiful, when you go outside. Now, after you have managed to swallow the initial hiccups, you can be sure that you have the most devoted husband in the whole world.

Just remember to respect him and he will be generous in all respects - love, money, care and everything you want. A Leo man is not one of those who forget to say 'I Love You' till the next anniversary. You will be showered with attention and compliments every now and then. He will also remain faithful to you, though he may look at the pretty faces every now and then. However, don't take that too seriously and leave him. He will be very hurt and may go to the extreme of faking a heart attack to get you back.

Your part of the responsibility is to make sure that the romance never goes out of the relationship, even after the kids have come. Don't ever sideline your Leo man, not even for the kids. Then, he will remain contended and will play the perfect protective father to the children. He may not be very good with finances and this is where you will be required to provide some stability. There is a gambler streak in almost every Leo male and he will have to learn to keep it under limits. He is very good at repairing things around the house and this part of his characteristics profile may come quite handy to you.

He has a very bad temper and it will be displayed when you show him disrespect or indifference. Then, he can turn hotter than a burning furnace. Apart from that, he has a very cool demeanor. Leo men make wonderful, warm and loving fathers. In this area also, they demand respect and it is again your duty to ensure that the kids do not forget their manners. Always remember that a Leo guy secretly fears being ridiculed and his pride is just a veil for his fears. So, make sure to keep him nourished with love, care and respect. You will be rewarded with a loving husband, who will never let you be lonely again!