Get a brief introduction on the love match of Cancer & Leo zodiac signs. Check out Leo-Cancer relationship compatibility.

Cancer Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo individuals have a very fragile ego, which tends to get hurt very easily. Even their heart is very soft and vulnerable and gets wounded very easily, especially by criticism and harsh words. They need appreciation, care and concern from the people they love and give double in return. Though both the individuals are quite different as far as their temperament is concerned, it does not have much adverse effect on their compatibility. Their love nest will be a warm, cozy one, in which they will glow with each other's warmth. The Lion wants to rule and the Crab will not mind it, as long as he is loved and cared for.

Infact, the Crab has no desire to lead. He is comfortable following the former, if his individuality is not disturbed. He will care for his partner, love him and pamper and the Lion will revel in the attention. A Leo was born to love, to romance and a Crab was born to be loved and protected. Their zodiac match is, thus, almost perfect. Both the individuals will lose themselves in each other and wouldn't need anyone else. The relationship is most likely to result in marriage and a home, full of kids, afterwards.

Cancer Man and Leo Woman
Even though the love match of a Cancer and a Leo has great chances of compatibility, one has to be cautious when the man is a Cancerian and the woman, a Leo. In such a case, some adjustments would be required. Now, let's come to the good part. Leo woman wants love and adoration, which a Cancer man would be perfectly willing to shower on her. She will have to make sure that she doesn't share any harsh words, especially when she is angry, or he will retreat to his shell, which is very hard to break.

Cancer Woman and Leo Man
A Leo man loves to spend his time as well as his love on someone who adores him and Cancer woman is one such person. He will make her feel secured, loved and protected. In turn, she will let him handle the reins and shower him with lots of attention and affection. He will feel flattered by her concern and will drown her in his passion. There will be no dearth of loyalty and commitment in this relationship. He will do anything to see her smile and she will go out of the way to make him feel admired.