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The sun sign of Capricorn has Saturn as its ruling planet. Check out more on the Capricorn zodiac's ruling planet.

Capricorn Ruling Planet

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Closest Metal: Lead
Lucky Day: Saturday
Lucky Colors: Black, Earth Tones, Indigo and Orange

Capricorn, the Sea Goat, has Saturn as its ruling planet. The planet has been named after the Roman God of Agriculture and the founder of civilization, social order and conformity. Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to orbit the sun and spends about 2.46 years in each sun sign of the zodiac. It governs various aspects of a person's life, like dreams, aspirations, profession, power and hierarchy. Saturn instills in an individual a sense of duty, discipline and responsibility.

It gives them the strength to bear great physical and emotional hardships, without so much a complaint on their lips. Individuals dominated by this planet concern themselves with future and long term planning. Saturn rules over the skeletal system, skin, teeth, gall bladder spleen and vagus nerve. Till the time Uranus was not discovered, Saturn was regarded as the ruling planet of Aquarius. Infact, even today, many astrologers regard it as dominating both the Capricorn and the Aquarius sun signs.

Saturn bestows its subjects with qualities like knowledge, understanding, willpower, restraint, resolve and a sense of responsibility. The items associated with it are aspen, elder, elm, pine, poplar, weeping willow, yew, burdock, hemlock, holly and the black and red poppy. The lucky colors for those born under the Capricorn sun sign are black, earth tones, indigo and orange. Their lucky day of the week is Saturday and lucky number is eight. The stone closest to Saturn is Garnet and the closest metal is lead.