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The personality traits of a Capricorn child/baby have been mentioned here. Read on to explore characteristics profile of Capricorn children.

Capricorn Child

Capricorn child has maturity way beyond his age. He may, at times, put you to shame, when you try to do the typical baby talk with him. Right from his childhood, he will be determined and positive in whatever he does. He is not the one to throw unnecessary tantrums, but he will be able to communicate his disapproval or inconvenience with the same force. After getting his message across to you, he will wait for your answer. In case you say no, he will accept it if the thing is not that important.

However, if it is, he will patiently wait and wear you down till the time you give in to his demands. With time, your Capricorn baby will become more and more organized. His shoes will be in the rack, books in the bookshelf and clothes in the cupboard. He wouldn't be much of a prankster and will be more attached to family. There will be only a few close friends with whom he will share his feelings. After coming home from school, the first thing he will do is his homework. All other things come after his duties and responsibilities.

The games of Capricorn children are seldom childish. They usually play the part of teacher, doctor, engineer, mommy or daddy. Strangely, they look pretty convincing in these roles too. They are drawn towards art and music and will spend hours indulging in them. A Capricorn child will never waste his time in useless games; rather he will always be involved in something constructive. You will have to practically force him to go outside and play in the sunshine. He may not be a quick learner, but he will always manage to get A-grades in school.

He will move slowly, but in the end, he will leave the other kids much behind him. A January-born kid is almost always modest and is rarely rude or mean to others. Infact, you may feel that the other kids are bossing him around. Don't worry! He may be patient with such people, but he knows how to take care of himself. He will find one or the other way to get even. A Capricorn child will be interested in the opposite sex, but he will be too shy about it. You will have to handle his feelings very carefully in this area or they may become too closeted.

Unless pushed too far, a Capricorn child will be very pleasant, tolerant and loving. He will give elders the respect they deserve and help you in everyway he can. You will not have to shout at him, every now and then, to get his room cleaned. He will never venture too far from home and will always come back before you start searching for him. He will be totally practical and will not indulge in the usual childish fantasies. So what if, at times, it feels that he is the parent and you the baby, he will respect you and take care of you when you don't feel so young anymore!