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Famous Indian Chess Players

Sports have always been one of the most preferred sources of entertainment and fun in India. Right from the cricket (modern version of gulli-danda), hockey (the National Game of India), to the chess (descendant of Shatranj), there are numerous games that are played by millions of people in India, not only for recreation, but also for bringing fame to the country. Talking about the chess, it was one of the games that had minimal playing culture, leave about boasting of famous players. Long back in the 1960s, with chess yet to find a firm footing in India, Manuel Aaron became the first Indian to earn the International Master title.

After a brief lull, however, the game gained popularity, thanks to the phenomenal list of players India has been churning out over the years. The emergence of prodigious chess players such as Dibyendu Barua and Viswanathan Anand saw India becoming a major chess power. Anand's exploits at the big stage have inspired a whole generation of young Indian chess players to aspire for success at the highest level. With the emergence of a host of talented newcomers, India no longer needs to look up to the inimitable Viswanathan Anand alone, for international glory. Amidst players like Harikrishna, Koneru Humpy and Parimarjan Negi calling the shots in international chess, the picture indeed looks rosy for Indian chess.

Dibyendu Barua
Dibyendu Barua is an Indian Chess Player, and famous for being the Second Grandmaster from India, only to follow the legendry Vishwanathan Anand. Although he showed a lot of promising capabilities in the initial phase of his career, Barua somehow couldn’t impress much with his performance afterwards.

Koneru Humpy
Koneru Humpy is a Female Indian Chess Player, and arguably the best woman at the Chess Board that the nation has ever produced. Considered to be at par with Vishwanathan Anand among the Female Chess Players of India, she holds a World No. 2 ranking among the Female Chess Players, lagged behind only by Judit Polgar, the World No. 1 Female Chess Player.

Krishnan Sasikiran
Krishnan Sasikiran is an Indian Chess Player who holds the prestigious title of a Grand Master, and is famous for being second only to the legendry Vishwanathan Anand according to the FIDE ratings.

Manuel Aaron
Manuel Aaron pioneered the game of chess as a youngster and have played a pivotal role ever since in placing India, as an emerging force in world chess forum. He was the first Indian to earn the title of International Master.

Parimarjan Negi
Parimarjan Negi is the new face in the field of chess in India. Born on February 9, 1993, the chess player has shot into limelight by becoming the youngest Indian to earn the much coveted Grandmaster title in the sport. Negi developed the passion for chess right from his childhood.

P. Harikrishna
Grandmaster P. Harikrishna was born on May 10, 1986 in Andhra Pradesh. At an ELO rating of 2682, Harikrishna is second amongst the top Indian players, ranking next to Viswanathan Anand.

Viswanathan Anand
Viswanathan Anand been the epitome of chess in India and has gained worldwide recognition. In a glorious career spanning 25 years (and still counting), Anand has taken Indian chess to new heights.