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Here is a brief profile and biography of Indian chess player Dibyendu Barua. Read for information on Dibyendu Barua

Dibyendu Barua Profile

Dibyendu Barua Profile
Dibyendu Barua is an Indian Chess Player, and famous for being the Second Grandmaster from India, only to follow the legendry Vishwanathan Anand. Although he showed a lot of promising capabilities in the initial phase of his career, Barua somehow couldn’t impress much with his performance afterwards.

Early Life & Introduction to Chess
He was born on the 27th of October 1966 at Calcutta (now Kolkata). He fell in love with the game of Chess at quite an early age, and began playing the game seriously. Barua created a stir when at a tender age of 12 years he participated in the National Chess Championship in the year 1978. Soon he became famous as a Chess prodigy.

National Chess
He won his maiden National Championship in the year 1983. After this, Dibyendu won the National Chess Championship title 3 times in his career. The last National Championship title he won in the year 2000. In the tournament, he beat 4 Grand Masters to win the crown.

International Chess
Barua shocked the whole Chess World when he defeated the then World Number 2, Grand Master Viktor Korchnoi in London in the year 1982, when he was just 16 years old. After this shocking victory, he became an International Master. But, after this honor his pace got a bit slow on the international front. The main reason was that Dibyendu was not equipped with latest resources, books, computers and professional coaches which were easily available to his overseas opponents. That’s why it took him a very long period of about 9 years to earn the title of Grand Master. He was declared a Grand Master in the year 1991. Even after getting the title, Barua still had to face the lack of funds which were needed at every step in improving his performance according to international standards.

Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy
Apart from being a brilliant Chess Player, Barua always wanted to offer his help and expertise in producing a new line of talented youngsters who might beam on the Chess Platform of the world. To fulfill his dream, he began the Dibyedu Barua Chess Academy in Kolkata in September 2005 entirely on his own resources at a rented apartment. Initially, he had only 22 students which have now grown into over 200 trainees. An efficient panel of Coaches including Dibyendu himself, his wife Saheli Dhar Barua, Bipin Shenoy, Niladri Biswas, Paritosh Bhattacharya, Tamal Chakraborty and a group of eminent Visiting Coaches such as Neeraj Kumar Misra (International Master), Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury (International Master) and Abhijit Kunte (Grand Master) offer their valuable guidance and tips at the Academy to make sure the trainee Chess Players are able to make it the best at the International Chess Events.

Personal Life
During a Chess tournament held in the year 1988, Barua met Saheli Dhar, a teenage Chess player. When playing a match, Dibyendu offered her a draw but she refused the offer and defeated him to win the game, which impressed him a lot. Further, both of them were selected for the National Chess team representing the nation at Llyods Bank Tournament 1991 held at London. Soon, a friendship evolved between them which blossomed into a marriage. After the marriage, Saheli Dhar Barua left playing Chess professionally and concentrated upon Dibyendu’s Academy where she is a regular Coach.

Awards & Honors
To commemorate his outstanding performance in the game of Chess and his consistent services to the nation as an International Chess Player, Dibyendu Barua was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award by the Government of India in the year 1983.